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Community Liaison.
Hello partners, please see below information concerning the SNAP increase to Maximum Monthly
Allotment for March and April. Thanks and be safe!
Maximum Monthly Allotment
As directed by Governor Ron DeSantis on March 27, 2020, the Department of Children and Families has
submitted a federal waiver to temporarily increase all Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program
(SNAP) recipients’ benefit amounts to the maximum monthly allotment based on household size.
DCF is actively working to implement increasing benefits to the maximum monthly allotment based on
household size for the months of March and April. Clients can expect to receive their additional March
funds as early as April 3, 2020.
For April, if you are a client that receives your regular benefit between April 1-7, you can expect to
receive your benefit on April 8. If you are a client that receives your regular benefit after April 7, you can
expect your additional benefit to be included as a part of your regularly scheduled benefit allotment.
Additionally, any new households approved for food assistance will receive additional benefits within a
week of being approved for benefits. Please note, customers who are already receiving the maximum
allotment will not receive an increase. A chart illustrating maximum benefit for household size is
provided below for your reference.
People in Household Maximum Benefit

1 $194
2 $355
3 $509
4 $646
5 $768
6 $921
7 $1,018
8 $1,164
For Each Additional
Person +$146

Please contact DCF’s Customer Call Center at 1-866-762-2237 or 850-300-4323 for more information.

• Recertification Extension To ensure Floridians can safely access SNAP, TANF, and Medicaid benefits, DCF has implemented a
six-month recertification extension for individuals and families scheduled to recertify in April or May. Extending the recertification period, allows the state to ensure the continuity of, and safe access to, SNAP, TANF, and Medicaid benefits during the current public health crisis and periods of social distancing. For more information regarding Florida’s benefit programs during this time, please visit or contact the customer call center at 850-300-4DCF. To check the status of your recertification, log into your MyACCESS account here:

• Work Requirements Waiver
At the request of Governor DeSantis, and in accordance with the federal Families First Coronavirus
Act, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) will waive work requirements for individuals
participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Temporary Assistance
for Needy Families (TANF) program.
DCF and the Department of Economic Opportunity have partnered to apply good cause statewide
for TANF and SNAP recipients normally subject to participate in mandatory work requirements as a
condition to receive program benefits effective immediately. The temporary suspension of
mandatory work requirements will alleviate any undue burden during this public health emergency
on individuals normally required to participate in these programs with no disruptions to the receipt
of cash and/or food assistance benefits.
To check the status of your benefits, report changes, receive information faster by opting-in to
receive electronic notifications, and upload documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, log into your
MyACCESS account here:

• Maintain Medicaid Eligibility
We will maintain Medicaid eligibility for current recipients through the last day of the month of the
state of emergency. This means no Medicaid recipient will lose Medicaid eligibility during the state
of emergency. We are working on notifying recipients who may have received a termination notice
in the month of March that their benefits will continue.
• Extend Time to Complete Medicaid Application
During this state of emergency, individuals applying for Medicaid may be unable to submit all the
documentation required to process their application. Beginning with applications received in
February 2020, we are extending the timeframe for individuals to submit any necessary paperwork
to 120 days from the date the application was received. If the Medicaid application is approved, the
individual’s Medicaid eligibility effective date will still be the first day of the month that the initial
application was received.
• To apply for food assistance (SNAP), cash assistance (TANF) or Medicaid, individuals should go
• Clients logging in to the ACCESS Self-Service Portal should go
• Customers are required to complete an interview to receive most benefits. Customers should call 1-
866-762-2237 or 850-300-4323 (TTY 1-800-955-8771) to complete an interview telephonically.
• Customers can order an EBT card, get information about EBT transactions, or report an EBT card as
lost or stolen at or by calling 1-888-356-3281.
• If you have trouble understanding English or need help communicating with the Department of
Children and Families, Economic Self-Sufficiency Program, please call 1-866-762-2237 or 850-300-