8 Points for an Optimal Workplace

Running a business blog involves spending a certain number of hours sitting in front of the computer, browsing, researching, creating, imagining. The idea is to set up an environment that doesn’t weigh us down when it comes to blogging. As I know that many people like lists, I am going to make a list of the things that I consider appropriate to turn the workplace into an ideal place and that I logically have put into practice.optimal workplace

8 Tips for an optimal workplace

1.- That your chair is not a chair, but the armchair of someone important.

You are going to spend many hours on it, is it not logical that it is comfortable? An office chair, padded, with a large backrest, armrests, wheels, adjustable in height and wide. It must be 100% comfortable. I think of my chair as the chair Captain Nemo would have to steer the Nautilus.

2.- Everyday connectivity cables always ON

Do you bend over to plug in your USB stick? Do you squirm to reach the back of your computer? Buy yourself a cable! I always have the iPod cable plugged in and accessible and a USB hub where I can connect the necessary USB sticks, I don’t need to get out of my chair at all.

3.- Folios by hand on the table

You may not do it anyway, but I sometimes take notes and reminders for the next day. It would be a nuisance to have to get up for paper if I wanted to write something down, in fact I would not get up with what the note would not do and the next day I could have forgotten.

4.- Your screen is an extension of your real desktop

That is why I use two 20 ″ monitors. If I have a neat table, is it logical to have all the windows stacked on top of each other on a small screen? If you can opt for it, I recommend a good monitor or even two to be able to visualize as many things as necessary at the same time.

5.- Videoconferencing is better than chat.

If you have people close to you that you chat with often, maybe you should try video conferencing. It is a closer form of communication and it will help you to disconnect better than staying attentive to the text that comes out of a small window.

6.- If you listen to music to disconnect, do it right.

Don’t wear helmets because even if you don’t realize it at first, what you end up getting is making your head more blunt. Get yourself some decent speakers that give you a clear sound so you won’t have to turn up the volume more than necessary.

7.- Good lighting.

If possible natural although not everyone has a window next to their computer. It is proven that well-lit environments contribute positively to mood and that affects your activity. You are not the master of the dungeon so you do not have to be in the shadows :).

8.- Toys to distract the righteous.

Do you have your table full of Kinder Surprise dolls? Well, surely you spend half an hour playing with them. Pencils and pens in a jar not scattered on the desk. You can have some anti-stress toy to fondle, I use a ball.



This is a list of the points that I think are important. Then each one will have its peculiarities. There are people who like to have plants, or that the cat sits with them at the table, who must be recognized as keeping company. That the environment is suitable has a direct impact on the level of activity that we then develop in it.

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