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7 tips to learn to be successful thanks to your competition

When we create an online business we soon realize that the web is full of other entrepreneurs who are “Doing the same as us”, or have similar products or services that they offer to the market what we also offer.

Now, this situation can be an advantage or a disadvantage, it depends on the way we see it, many can tell us that if we choose a market niche where there is little competition, it is more likely that we will reach success much earlier, but for On the other hand, if there is no market, if there is no competition, it also means that there are no people looking for that product or service and that most likely it is only important for your life.

I particularly prefer to see the competence as my guide, as those people who are already offering a product or a service in a certain way, which means that there is always a place for other entrepreneurs who contribute their unique way of adding value; for similar products but for a unique shopping experience, since each person is different and this is the greatest advantage we can have over others.

Internet is in full expansion, according to the site there are currently 3,252,590,150 people, can we really think that there is no market for each entrepreneur who joins the web?

How many we are in the world

So, as I mentioned at the beginning, there are only two ways of looking at this situation, either with an open mind, willing to face new challenges with the conviction that we can and have the faculties in us to make ourselves of a place, or with a mentality totally closed, which will not let us see the opportunities that exist no matter how much they are happening before our eyes.

Ways to learn from your competition to lead your business to success.

Having an online business, this in the market niche in which it is, is a challenge, a constant search for improvement, not to overcome your competition, but to find your own path, work with excellence and achieve a unique position, not better than another, but different, in the world there is room for all of us to win.identify-your-competition

Now you may be wondering how your competition can help you, I will give you some ideas that you can take from your competition and then create your own path to success:

– Identify your competition- As in any business, the first thing is to identify your potential client, who he is, where he comes from, where he lives, his tastes and passions, etc. In this way, you are aware that they are people who have many options in the market, but since you know that they have certain inclinations or seek to satisfy certain tastes, you only have to work on solving them and then offer them the solution.

In fact, this way is much more direct than directly promoting a product without knowing your customer well, so you cannot have a different angle of sale than your competition.

– Involves markets that he does not use- Every business to express itself uses different channels, and it is a reality that businesses cannot cover all the channels that exist, you can take advantage of this, since if you identify a business or entrepreneur in your same niche, what you must determine is in which channels It stands out more or in which channel your brand is working the most, then simply implement actions in the channels in which it has been neglected or not used.

– Determine the value and offer a higher value- People seek solutions, significant changes in their lives, therefore offering constant value makes you become a magnet for those who may be in need of your products or services.

In the same way, identify your competition, direct or indirect, determine the real value that it is offering, but you are more interested in what it is not covering, what it lacks; This can be determined by their customers’ comments, for example: they do not respond to comments, they do not have clear return policies, there is no clear means of contact, they do not offer support or after-sales guidance, etc.

– Focus on customer service- This is a topic that always gives people talk and for those people who focus on achieving customer service, an after sales service, in a word a unique shopping experience, they are surely the entrepreneurs who will obtain the best results.

How do we do this? Putting it on our website, in our sales letters and complying with it to the letter, this will not only achieve happier customers, but they will become the so-called evangelizers of your Brand or business, people who will recommend you without you have to pay them nothing for it.

– Differentiate yourself so you don’t have to compete- Not differentiating yourself is dying, not doing it is copying and the copy is never the most expensive or of the highest value, for example you would buy the original Shakira CD, but surely you are not interested in the CD of the best Shakira impersonator.

The same thing happens in business, although when we start we do it by imitating or looking at the way others with more experience do it, over time we must create our own path, and it is in that path that we create our own story.

– Alliances with other entrepreneurs or companies- You can only start a business; But you will go further and faster if you work together with other people, if you join forces with other entrepreneurs who are on the same path, possibly not the same service, but if a complementary one, or even thanks to your alliances, a product or a service that you could never create by itself.

The creation of alliances and knowing how to delegate were always the great matters of business, if we read the stories of great entrepreneurs, surely at some point in their lives they opted for alliances and largely thanks to them is that their great success arose.

-Perception, image and brand- These are several factors in themselves, it is important not only to study these qualities in your competition, such as the image with which it is presented to the market, for example, but that we work every day to improve our own image in front of our market, already that these aspects have been gaining more strength every day in people’s consciousness.

I particularly think that in this case it is perfectly valid, an image is worth a thousand words or the first impression is what counts.

I hope that this article is of value to you, the competition, far from being our enemy, is our partner who is indicating us the direction in which we have to walk and of course working on improving the aspects in which they are failing or adding other unique ones to our business.

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