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7 skills you need to become an online marketer

Chartered Institute of Marketing defines the marketing What “The responsible management process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs in a profitable manner”.

Creating an online business is a learning process, in most cases and explained in the simplest way, we need to learn how to go from employees to entrepreneurs; and online the ability or skill that we need to develop this passage is that of an online marketer.

In this article I want to summarize some of the functions or skills that we need to acquire to become an online marketer and in this way be able to take our business to the success we seek.

7 skills of a true Online Marketer.

Some experts make a difference between marketers and marketers, this opinion is refutable of course, since it is based on the fact that a marketers He is a person who is dedicated to developing not only a business, but a model of life that never ends, on the contrary, he is always in constant growth.

However, a marketer develops tactics to earn money, he does not yet have the knowledge to work with systems, planning and professional structures that make his actions a business to improve his life and that of other people.

In my opinion or experience, both definitions are part of the same process, a marketer is in the beginning when he still cannot understand the integral operation of a business, both online and offline; And a marketer is already a person who has passed the first stage and is already developing his business in a way that is 100% aware of what a passion, profession or business that lasts for the rest of his life means, adding value to himself as well as for everyone else.

It is true that there are processes that can greatly shorten the so-called learning curve, but the reality is that understanding in depth what it means to become an Internet marketer takes time and invariably requires experience.

Well let’s talk now about some of the skills you need to develop on your way to becoming a online marketer:

Generate value for your audience-

I believe that this is one of the main skills that we need to develop since many times we have with us knowledge that can be of help to other people, knowledge that people are willing to pay to acquire, but if we do not learn to expose it in a way that is attractive to them, it doesn’t really have any value.

Generating value is the main ingredient for other people to follow us and want to learn more about us and the way in which we can help them, of course we must first develop that knowledge so that it becomes valuable. Without a doubt, generating value for other people and for our lives should be the main driver of a marketer; many consider that money has to be the main engine, but the reality is that money is not an end, this is a result in all cases.

Show the potential of Internet business-

While the Internet is already being widely spread, the possibilities that this holds beyond watching movies, chatting with friends, reading online newspapers and spending time on social media, is just beginning to spread.

I believe that a marketer has an obligation to show other people the tremendous potential that the Internet holds to develop businesses and make radical changes in people’s way of life. Trends and business models are in full process of change, so the Internet is an active and responsible part of it.

Educate your audience-

Why do we need to educate our audience? Having a problem and not finding the solution is one thing, but not knowing what the problem is will never lead us to the solution, therefore today it is common to seek changes in our lives, there are thousands of people unhappy with their current state.

Our option as a marketer is to bring a solution to other people, show them and educate them about the possibilities they can obtain if they want to create an online business, exposing its benefits and advantages to improve their lives and the other people who are with them. .

Create systems-

One of the advantages of working online is to be able to create processes or systems that allow to expose content and generate actions in other people, for example when we create an online business there is behind what most people see a system that transform visitor into prospects and these into customers.

Currently there are online processes that allow us to do this and more without the need for us to be present for these processes to work.

Work with specific plans and goals-

A successful business has a whole process behind it, from its creation, its tactics and strategies, product creation, Brand creation and social participation; which respond to an action plan within a general plan and specific goals.

Although when starting out, entrepreneurs begin with actions that develop tactics after tactics that are rarely coordinated or are part of a larger strategy; Over time, each action they develop is guided by actions that are part of or respond to a larger action plan already predefined before the first move.

– Training constant-

The secret of permanence and success, more online, surely is constant training, we need to be in continuous learning if what we want is to offer an increasingly important value or so that we can help people in a much more important way. efficient.

The Internet is a continuously advancing medium, so if we stop learning easily we will become obsolete, here is the value of passion for what we do, since otherwise we will never be able to do it out of obligation or just for money (since money it is just a result and therefore there are other ways to get it as well).

– Analytics web, learn to know their numbers-

The analytics of our business is vital to scale it, only in this way will we be able to determine what works and what does not, with the advantage of being able to make the changes we need to improve our business and that it is always in continuous improvement.

There is not much more to say about the analysis of what is happening in your business, only that you cannot change what you do not know, therefore analyzing your business is vital.

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This is just the beginning of a whole process and a lifestyle, I particularly do not think that someone who has come and conquered a certain time online, abandon it and dedicate himself to working for other people or enter the working world as an employee again . The reality is that I do not know nor have I heard of anyone who has.

Online businesses are not easy, they take time, they have their process, but for those who want to work on themselves, educate themselves and improve every day, they are an excellent option and as things go the possibilities of living in a way comfortable are increasingly positive or encouraging; Remember, five years from now having online knowledge can give you a really unfair advantage over other people.

I hope this article on the skills of a online marketer find it useful, I invite you to leave your comments or even share this article with those who you think may be useful.