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7 reasons why you need a blog to boost your Personal Brand online

A concept that we come across when we start to create an online business is the creation of Personal brandAlthough this concept is not new, it is excellent for bridging the gap between virtual reality and physical space. How is this?

Developing a Personal Brand consists of working on yourself in such a way that you develop a way of being identified by other people, a way of communicating and unique characteristics that allow you to stand out, be relevant and visible in an environment in which competitiveness is a sure constant.

Now, this process is one of the ones that most slows down entrepreneurs, since this is not something that we can study and obtain a certain diploma that can be hung on our wall and say that we already have one. Personal brand that can represent us.

In fact develop a Personal brand Solid can take years and even so it does not guarantee that we will be able to transmit it adequately, a Personal Brand is a living characteristic, it is not static, it changes along with the process that each entrepreneur or company itself experiences; In my opinion there is only one maxim to meet her and it is CONSCIOUS ACTION TAKING providing a unique way of acting, feeling and living that will last even when we are no longer here.

Personal brand and actions through a blog.

As I mentioned before, our Personal Brand is developed in ACTION and in an internal rethinking of our values ​​and beliefs, but to develop these actions there are several tools that can allow us to express ourselves in a way that we find a way. One of these important tools, which we can make use of, it’s a blog.

Blog management is especially useful in these cases, creating Personal brand can be expressed through the use of this online tool offering us several reasons or benefits that I would like to highlight in this article:

Show your skills and knowledge- A blog allows you the space in which you can show what you really know about a topic, since you develop strategies, ideas, you can get in touch with followers and help them answering their questions or concerns, etc.

Both for the promotion of products and services a Blog It is the ideal space for your potential clients to get to know you and gain confidence with you.

– Define your own personal style- The way you write defines your way of thinking, your unique style, your way of acting in the face of different market issues. Possibly when you start with a blog you start imitating other people, but over time you will not be able to avoid showing your way of expressing yourself and thinking about the various online topics.

Contrary to what you might think, when you start to really express yourself as you are is when you start to take off with your Personal brand, since only those people who really agree or have the same line of thought as you will follow you.

It allows you to rediscover yourself too- I can assure you that this is also a reality, since when you write not only do you write for others, you also do it for yourself and this allows you to assimilate much more the knowledge that you are acquiring.

– Gather to your potential clients or specific market- A Blog gathers readers who follow a line of thought and a particular theme, of course this is not all, if you write and do not add value to your readers you will soon start to be alone and your post will not be read by anyone; but in general you can build excellent communities around your blog and this will allow you to add value, contribute to the lives of other people and enjoy while you do it.

It allows you to go out with value to other spaces on the web such as social networks- What you write in a blog serves as an impetus to reach your profiles with value on the different social networks, this creates interaction, credibility, a feeling of trust, etc; factors that all people need, especially when you are doing a job that allows you to generate income while you can help other people to grow in their lives as well.

It allows you to generate authority and credibility- A Blog allows you to expose content that shows your knowledge, this is not only achieved by writing articles, but by being in constant training and learning, but in this online market where change is constant; in fact you can be very resourceful, but without knowledge sooner or later you will need to rethink what you are doing with your life.

SEO or search engine positioning- This is an important factor too, using a blog to create content allows you to occupy privileged places in search engines and thus be able to access thousands of people interested in what you are doing. A factor that also determines the Personal brand It is your level of exposure to a certain audience, the more possibilities of exposure to potential customers you can have, the better and your Brand is perceived as having much more value.


Although a blog is not the only tool that can enhance your Personal Brand, it is one of the most recommended and that has the most value or “brand” it can leave on your followers or specific audience.

We can experiment with other ways such as face-to-face lectures, our own channels on YouTube, writing and publishing a book, etc., but a main factor is that you can feel comfortable with the tool you are using, since nothing should be forced, much less a Personal brand own.

I hope this article is useful for you, I invite you to leave your comments or share this article with other people who may find it useful.