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7 Key tools to plan your business online

When we work online it is very important to be clear about what are some of the tools To manage our actions or tasks, when we start online very soon we realize that one of the factors that we must take care of and even schedule is time, since it is limited, we only have 24 hours, and we not only live to be in front of a pc, but also to share our time with other hobbies, friends, families, etc.

There are currently many online tools to plan your business online that can be useful to us, they highlight the organization, planning and the ease of keeping an order in our daily tasks, that is why I decided to write an article about these tools, I hope you find them useful.


Tools to plan your business online.

Although there are many programs that can help us in our organization, for each entrepreneur a certain tool may be more useful, and for another a different one may be more useful, here are some of them so that you can try the one that goes with you:

Wunderlist – Special for collaborative projects, however it has a great form of organization in which you can organize your tasks, give priority to some over others, etc.

Its design is very practical, it even allows you to make changes to its background and it is perfectly adaptable to your mobile, so you can take it with you anywhere.

Nozbe – One of the advantages of this application is that you can customize it according to your business, synchronize your account with other very important applications such as Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote and the Google calendar, with which many work and I include myself in it.

Teux Deux– An excellent week for those people who like to schedule tasks week by week, since at a glance is what you can see, it has mobile support so it makes it very practical too.

Remember The Milk– One of the best, according to my experience, beyond its name it offers us great flexibility in its programming, integration with mail such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Twitter; You can even use it to work with your team, since you can share your tasks and allow members of your team to review it or include other new tasks.

Toodledo – One of the peculiarities of this tool is that the application can plan tasks and even suggest tasks that you are leaving behind. Its screen is clear enough to follow at a glance what you have programmed and even what you have left to finish for the day.

Drobpox – This application could not be missing, although it is a cloud storage service, it is excellent since it allows us to work in a more orderly way, since we can have all the files in one place, even share it with other people.

Google drive – The tools that Google offers us are something that an entrepreneur cannot miss, both for the quality of these tools and for the ease with which we can access them from any browser or mobile device.

Google Drive also offers us a storage space in the cloud to store and share all kinds of files.

Some of the applications that this application offers us are, for example, word processor, spreadsheets, power point presentations, etc.

There are many more applications like these, but the important thing here is to define clearly before the tool we want to use; what we have to do, plan on paper where we want to go, What is the goal this week, how far will you go?.

Many people look for the tools because they believe that with them they can come the results they want, when the reality is that the first thing is the mentality, the second is the knowledge or the training, and if the third thing is the taking of action and this is where enter the different tools that help us carry out all the actions that we plan.

I hope this article is helpful to you, I particularly use some of the tools that I mentioned, mainly those of Google, since I can have everything I need in one place, therefore today having a Gmail email is essential for a person who is into online ventures.