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6 benefits of a video strategy for your online business

Content is king, and we have heard this countless times, therefore it is more than feasible to be able to use a video platform such as YouTube, known worldwide and which is in the third most visited domain on the planet.

Now, we all hear about the great profits that certain characters called Youtubers obtain, who use this platform to expose their way of life, thoughts and tastes; which is echoed by millions of users who follow them and lead to clicks on each ad that appear in these videos, mostly this is the beginning of their earnings, then of course the publicity that they can make to certain well-known companies.

But for an online business, promoting a website, a training program, even your own Persona Brand, video is becoming the perfect tool, and this is not going to change for long.


Benefits of a video strategy for your online business

– Easy to create- Videos are currently very easy to create, a few years ago to access the creation of personal videos they were very expensive or unattainable, now there are hundreds of programs online to create, edit and publish them.
On the other hand, the same YouTube platform helps you and offers tools for you to create videos, publish them on its platform and all this for free. (the truth is that there are few excuses not to do it)

Many entrepreneurs do not feel comfortable in front of the cameras, if it is very normal, it happens to all of us at the beginning, but this does not mean that we cannot have videos on YouTube, we can simply record videos of tutorials showing processes or make videos through exposure of a slide, widely used at the moment, with which you do not need to appear on camera, only your voice appears.

– Interaction and interactivity on the same platform- The YouTube platform allows us to interact with our followers, receive questions and comments and respond to them directly from the platform, even our comments are positioned in the Google search engine.
This particularity offers us more value, more credibility, since by answering your questions you will look like a professional who really wants to help his audience.

– Viralize the content- That our content can be shared on different free platforms is very beneficial for your business, creating a video on YouTube can be shared on the most important social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc., you can even place your video on your blog, with this we achieve greater interactivity and scope of our work.

– Trust and credibility- The videos in themselves generate greater trust and credibility, since they can see your face or in effect they can hear your voice, it is proven that this is much more effective for the mind than the written medium, however the quality of the information that you present as the way the video is made intervene in this equation.

Online there are businesses that have only created an empire with only a YouTube channel and a blog, it is simply only these two platforms that they used.

– Reuse of content- The videos are perfect to respond to queries and concerns of thousands of people, even every time you come across a query from a follower, if you already have a video where you give the answer, you can simply refer to the video link and save time and generate greater acceptance of your followers.

– Extend your reach and success – It is one thing to simply work with a blog and social profiles in which you will have a certain coverage of your market, but another thing is to work with a video strategy on YouTube, with which you can reach a much larger portion of your business.

Video strategy – the structure behind the video.

We are talking about generating video content, content that helps our potential client in any subject, therefore our video is only the first piece of the whole puzzle, behind it you need to have created a structure that achieves benefits in your business, these can be several such as:

– Exposure of your Personal Brand- You will reach millions of people and therefore your brand will begin to be recognized on the web, at least in the market niche in which you are exposed.

– Subscribers- It is no secret to anyone that achieving subscribers is the same as having a base of followers or people with whom you can share your knowledge, interact with them and help them grow, this has to be your first goal, since their growth will depend on of yours.

– Sales funnels – Sales funnels have proven to be very effective behind a video created with enough information about a product or service, for example a link to an affiliate product is a good tactic, but my recommendation is that you educate or provide more information about it. product before you expose it to your sales page.

Therefore, if you use a video to offer affiliate products, you can then direct them to a capture page, related to the product of your video, and then through a sequence of emails you inform them and give them more information about the product, until you invite them to make the purchase from the sales letter.

As always, this is just the beginning, what we can do with a tool like YouTube is almost unlimited, always keep in mind that a successful business is proportional to the level of your exposure to potential customers that you may have, and in this case this platform is essential to connect with them.

I hope this information is useful to you, I invite you to leave your comments or share it with other people who can be of help. A cordial greeting and the best of successes.