5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Don’t aim to increase your traffic, focus on pleasing readers

Taking more interest in generating traffic bumps on people who read your content with pleasure and frequency is always a mistake and is expensive.

When you “strategy” is mainly focused on increasing our visibility in search engines, writing to attract people as if it were “Political Campaign to attract votes” eventually it will make us a site that is visited for statistics, not for interest. While generating valuable content, focused on people who share an interest in the topics that we write and make available to others, you will begin to create a link and a small community.Make Money With Article Marketing

Your favorite restaurant is not the same as a taco stand that you found by accident. This is because in your favorite restaurant you know what kind of food, how they prepare it, what table you like to sit at and most importantly you feel COMFORTABLE eating there. On the other hand, the taco stand you ate once and you probably went on impulse or by chance because you were nearby.

In the same way, when writing, you must take into account that when a person is on your website or blog, he wants to feel comfortable, either with the interface, the speed, but above all with the content, (I don’t remember if I ever went to a restaurant several times that served awful food just to look pretty).

Readers’ trust is not created overnight, it requires patience and time.

Same that will give you the opportunity to show that you can contribute more to people’s lives through your letters, paragraphs and images and if you make video, the better!

The rest of the search engines will do it, normally most of the visits you will receive are occasional readers, but there will be those who are really interested in what you say and want to read more. Give them the opportunity by directing your effort to conserve, pamper and interact with them. Let’s ask what topic would you like me to write next week?

To conclude, not much that burns the saint, nor little that does not illuminate him, that is to say. We have to take care of the quality of our content for our readers, focusing on their interest in our site, without neglecting, on the other hand, the techniques and strategies to position ourselves naturally in search engines (SEO), which is what will make us a good reader in due course. find out.

Next in this article I am going to introduce five other ways to drive traffic to your website.

So …

Method # 1 – Do Very Advanced Keyword Research

If you want to get a lot of traffic from search engines, then it’s time to dig a little deeper. You should find the exact phrases that people search for on Google. There are a lot of free resources to do that. Here’s the key: You should find some keywords with little competition, like Google search results,

Very advanced keyword research can do Here:


Method # 2 – Add items in the most important web directories

If you have more quality links to your website, Google will be more “impressed” and search more successful. Of course, adding items to web directories can get you a lot of traffic. It all depends on how good the directory is.

Do not forget that these websites usually receive thousands of visits a day, consequently, your potential visits are also multiplied.Below you have a list of the websites that work as Article Directories, I suggest you can review them to see which one you like. like the most or which one best suits your requirements.

And then, simply once you are registered as an author, you can start submitting your articles to be published. Do not forget to always respect the publication rules of each website where you do it.

Here are some of the best article directories :

  • www.articulo.org/
  • www.articuloz.com
  • www.directorio-articulos.com/
  • www.topexpertos.com
  • www.articulo.tv
  • www.promohispana.ws/
  • www.articulosgratis.com/
  • www.tusarticulosgratis.com/
  • directorydearticulos.com/

Method # 3 – Write Articles Directly to Other Websites

Because you do that? Because you can make a lot of visitors.

Find the top 10 sites in your niche and ask them for permission to add an article to your website and at the end of the article put a link to your website.

Of course not everyone will agree, but it is nothing. You can find it for 2-3 people who want to collaborate. You can gain a lot of visitors from that, it all depends on how good that website is.

Method # 4 Put a Newsletter on your website:

Let’s say you have 10,000 people visiting your website every month. Most will come only once to your website and can be lost at any time. Why lose visitors when you can offer a free newsletter?

Method # 5 – Answer questions on the forums

NO SPAM! In any case NO SPAM. Sign up for forums similar to your website’s domain and start talking to people. Answering questions and posting on your website for more information. Very easy. But of course, this may take some time.