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5 ways to create content to spread your brand on the Internet

Every business needs exposure so that its scope is constantly expanding, especially since it is an online business where there are thousands of very similar businesses and the differences are minimal or nonexistent.

It has always been said that “content is king”, and I agree with that since the power of content exceeds the simple creation of an article in which people who visit our blog can read, but the content represents much more; for example:

The content becomes a tool that used for marketing can expand the Brand of your online business, educate your public, expose and make known the products or services you have in your business, generate income, create and encourage trust and credibility between you and your potential clients, but this is not all, the content can be presented visually, so that it is much easier to understand and use, benefiting even more your followers or clients, creating visual kinesic content such as videos that can they generate thousands of followers, they become viral content both on these platforms and on social networks, etc.

The creation of a podcast so necessary in our days in which time seems so scarce is also content, since it offers the possibility to thousands of people to carry with them on a mobile, mp3, etc. in which they can listen to the information they want at the time or place they want.


Ways to create content: the simplest is generally the most practical.

Much has been said about the creation of content and this is the pending subject of many entrepreneurs at the beginning, then it occurs almost automatically, but when starting it is generally very “difficult, complicated or we cannot even coordinate the ideas in a way that they can understand our followers, so for some it is easier to create articles, but for others creating video is much easier, even a few others will choose to record podcasts much more easily.

However, What can be the way in which we present our content so that we can generate greater exposure of our business or Brand?

In particular, I do not consider a particular form as mandatory or unique, but all the ways of presenting the content can be useful and produce the results we are looking for, for example we can create the same content in a different format, for example an article can also become video, in a podcast, in a presentation, it can be transformed into a guide or visual infographic, it is information that can be used for a Hangouts, etc, etc.


It is important that before creating the content you have some clear important premises, since the results that we will obtain will depend on this, for example:

We need to define the theme, the tone or the form of expression and the medium or format that we will use to make it known.

– Its tone can be Educational, presentation of services, narrative of processes, stories about its evolution, studies of processes or results of certain experiments, etc.

The medium or the media, we have already talked about them, can be in article format but it can also be transformed into a podcast or video.

Finally and most important of all is what we want to achieve with these actions, for example to make ourselves known, expand our market, increase traffic to our sites or virtual platforms, achieve subscribers, promote an event, a presentation, a Hangouts, a presentation formal in an auditorium, etc.

A mistake that many of us make when we start, I include myself in them; is that we create content to bring traffic to our blog, but we still do not have or have not created a Marketing System that works behind, that receives our visitors and can convert them into subscribers, regular or perpetual visitors, which is a loss of time, since they are visits that will hardly read us later, precisely because the web is a sea of ​​possibilities and if we do not generate some type of interaction or relationship, our business will never prosper.

Therefore and finally, then we need with each content to have three clear premises:

– The subject of our content.

– The tone or the way of expressing our content, the syntax.

– The form, the model that we will use to expose our content, video, article, podcast, etc.

Content creation is definitely the way our potential client knows us, “everything is content”, in fact in our life we ​​are continually creating content, for our business, for our personal relationships, moments of relaxation, etc.