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5 Steps To Develop Content Marketing On Your Blog

This is the definition of Content Marketing that it provides Copyblogger (it is my translation of the original)

“Content Marketing means freely creating and sharing informational content as a means of converting prospects into customers, and those customers into repeat customers.

Its primary purpose is to obtain permission to deliver content via email or other means over time.

Regular and repeat exposure builds a relevant relationship that offers multiple conversion opportunities rather than ‘one shot’ sales or a zero sell approximation ”

All this content will take different forms… content written with photos, video tutorials and podcasts, electronic newsletters, free reports, ebooks, etc. You must use your blog as the nerve center and distribution hub for all this content.

Every successful networker in Network Marketing uses content marketing as a way of approaching their prospects. They even use direct response marketing in their content.develop-content-marketing-on-your-blog

How does content marketing work?

Step 1

Create content on your blog that is the perfect match for your perfect prospect.

Step 2

It promises more and better content to get permission to continue. This permission happens when you get the email address of your perfect prospect.

Step 3

The perfect prospect should be able to instantly receive that content after entering their email address. That content that you make available, must be congruent and also must serve as a next step.

Step 4

Deliver on what you have promised. This is when you send more value than you have promised. When you capture the email address of your perfect prospect, you are building your list. And that list is your greatest asset and most valuable.

Step # 5

Have something you can sell. If you have been given permission to submit valuable content, sooner or later you will want to send him something that costs money that he wants to obtain. This is called Monetization.

And if you continue to send them high-value content, your exposure and trust will rise to levels you cannot even imagine and you will have more opportunities for monetization.

Planning, creating and implementing your own content marketing system is the smartest marketing move you can make.

The reason is very simple. The content will always be what moves the Internet. People are always looking for good information. That information solves problems and makes life less painful.

And through Content Marketing you will be breaking down the resistance to selling that most people have.

It can also serve as an introduction to the benefits of a product and / or service that you will offer later. And this is how you can start making money with a content marketing system.

There is not much else. Things are usually simple and you just have to start applying these steps and implementing your own content marketing system.content-marketing

If you don’t do content marketing, you don’t do marketing

The most important thing a Networker should do is position themselves as a trusted expert or someone who provides value to their prospects, potential clients and clients.

And the best way to do that is by consistently creating valuable, relevant, and compelling content, just as a traditional editor would.

Start seeing yourself as an editor.

Social media is not your problem.

Social Media is often pointed out as the problem or difficulty when creating content. But actually Social Media is not the big problem. The problem is the lack of content creation for our content on Social Media.

Think of Social Media as a “on” (Metaphorically speaking). East “on” It’s about a “container” that has a specific message inside that is sent to a specific destination (your target audience).

Let’s take Facebook as an example …

Facebook is full of content. There are photos, text updates, videos, links. All of that is content. And that content leads to… yes, you guessed it, more content.

Twitter is exactly the same. The same happens with YouTube, Linkedin, etc.

Of course your blog is full of content. It should be anyway. Your articles drive traffic to your capture pages (yes, this is content too), and the content on your capture page leads to higher-level content in exchange for an email address.

Those emails that you send are also content.

When you receive an email, you can often find a link that leads to a capture page with a video or text. Whatever it is, this is content too.

Creating content of a higher level.

When you pay $ 197 for a product… guess what? It is also content, only that it is content of a higher level.

The best networkers have learned to sequence their content in such a way that it leads their prospects, potential clients and customers to higher-level content, all in an organized way. They have learned how to share their content with large masses of people.

The easiest, fastest and most guaranteed way to become a top distributor in any Internet business is to produce more advanced levels of content and offer people your product / service after they have consumed your content.

So if you are not producing content, I am almost certain that you will not be successful in this industry.

Therefore, if you are not succeeding in your endeavor, do not think that it is because of not understanding Social Media. The vast majority of people can find a way to use and benefit from Social Media.

What you may not have discovered yet is that you are actually a content marketer. If you are not doing content marketing, if you are not creating content that serves your marketing purposes, then you are not marketing.

Do not convince yourself that your problem is in Social Media. It’s not there. The problem is content creation.

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