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5 Reasons Why You Should Optimize Your Blog For Mobile Devices

The blogging industry is growing every day, and it is very important that as bloggers we adapt to new trends.

An important trend is the mobile revolution that we are experiencing today, which is why it is important that we optimize our blogs for users who visit us through all the mobile devices that are appearing every day.


That is why I have decided to share with you some of the main reasons why you should optimize your blog or website for mobile devices.

Reasons to optimize your blog for mobile

1.- More Than Half Of Mobile Phone Users Have A Smartphone.

The mobile phone used to be used basically to communicate with our friends and family, to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, among other fairly basic things.

However, all of this has changed rapidly, and mobile phones today are much more sophisticated than they were a couple of years ago. This has allowed, and has led many people to use their Smartphone more than their computers. Many people today use their mobile phones to carry out much of their daily activities, such as reading their favorite blogs and websites, watching videos and multimedia content, and even paying for products and services through their mobile phone.

A smart blogger who really understands how the industry works will quickly pick up on this trend and know how to quickly capitalize on smartphone and mobile internet users.

2.- There Are More Than 1.2 Billion Active Broadband Subscriptions And Mobile Internet Data Plans In The World.

When I read this statistic, I just said Wow !, that is 1.2 billion active subscriptions to mobile broadband services in the world. If we realize it, the internet has only around 6 billion users in the world, and a large part of them come from the users of Smartphones, a quite important figure that we should not ignore.

Obviously, you are not going to get that billion people visit your blog, but without a doubt a good part of those people who are interested in your niche, use their Smartphones which makes it very important for your business.

3.- Almost 100% Of Smartphone Users Are Mobile Internet Users

If you have a Smartphone it is very unlikely that it does not have internet, and this is what happens with most people. Millions of people around the world use the mobile internet to communicate with their friends on social networks, read blogs, etc.

Day by day the number of people using the mobile internet is growing by leaps and bounds, and these figures can easily double within the next two years.

And this is something that as bloggers we should not ignore.

4.- You Have Relatively Little or No Competition

Optimizing your blog for mobile devices can make a big difference to the competition. In other words, today, especially in this industry, very few have their blogs optimized for mobiles.

The latter gives you a great comparative advantage, which not everyone can offer. In other words, you are facilitating user access to your content, from these devices, considerably improving the user experience.

5.- Traffic From Mobile Devices Has Increased More Than 8 Times During The Last 10 Years.

Wow, that is, it has increased by 800% in just a decade, and the way of doing business online will most likely change in the not too distant future.

In fact, I recently attended a conference in Santiago de Chile, where the topic of the mobile internet revolution was discussed, and many experts assured that the latter would soon surpass the traditional internet. That is why as bloggers we must adapt quickly to these trends, or else it would perish in this highly competitive industry.

Why Should We Take Action Right Now?

The mobile internet is growing by leaps and bounds, and it is very unlikely that it will stop, so it is a very good idea to start taking advantage of it today.

Well, I just hope that all these reasons have convinced you to optimize your blog for mobile devices. Don’t stay down.