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5 Business Ideas Who Said They Were Absurd?

Here I bring you 5 internet business ideas that were once classified as absurd but that made their promoters rich. It seems difficult to find an online business that works, but for some, starting from an absurdity has meant finding the key.

We tend to believe that this business model, in order for it to work on the internet, must be the result of a great effort, a laborious process of study, planning, strategy, etc. But sometimes it can happen that only originality or genius is enough to come up with a good idea and that it is also a profitable business. We are too used to thinking big, maybe it is a matter of thinking mini, focusing our attention on what nobody focuses on, surely we come up with some great idea.

Let’s look at those ideas:

1. The Million Dollar Homepage: A 21-year-old entrepreneur decides to create an ad website and sell the million pixels of his site for one dollar each. He is now a millionaire, but how did it not occur to me before? Simple, right?


two. A millionaire Santa Claus. He had the genius of creating a website to send e-mails to children signed by Santa Claus himself, for this service he charged his parents 10 dollars. He has already sent more than 200,000 letters.


3. Doggles: As simple as selling diving goggles for dogs, but who’s crazy? The entrepreneur of this website or the owners of these dogs?


Four. AntennaBalls: A very American initiative, Jason Wall came up with the idea of ​​selling an antenna with a punctured ball. And I keep asking, who has the absurd initiative, the one who sells or the one who buys? It doesn’t matter, the one who buys is happy and the one who sells is a millionaire.


5. Lucky Wishbone Co.: Hobbies are a market gap that very few people know how to fill, especially if there is a tradition like breaking lucky bones; In this case, Ken Aarón founded a company that sells plastic lucky bones. Another millionaire with another super-simple idea.lucky-bones

These ideas were treated as examples of absurd ideas that made their promoters “rich”. But what do you think? Do you think they are absurd ideas?