5 Business Ideas To Make Money Designed By College Students

Business-To-Earn-Money-for-CollegeThe following are some profitable business ideas in which students trained by the Institute of Innovation and Promotion for University Entrepreneurship (IPPEU) in Peru showed their best proposals to create profitable businesses:

First profitable business idea

(Lambayeque) Natural Bamboo

The price of bamboo furniture may be lower than that made with pine or screw if production increases. It is ideal for beach and country houses. A good treatment will prevent moisture from damaging them.

Second profitable business idea


The company, through the Biomaxilimp brand, seeks to provide adequate treatment and washing to women’s and baby underwear with a certified product. It is not intended to replace the detergent and it would have an estimated price of S / .8.00 for the 500 milliliter bottle.

Third profitable business idea

Black Sheep Skateboards

Import of wood for the production of skateboards in Peru. The average price of only the North American quality table is S / .200, which would drop if manufacturing is carried out in the country, as proposed by this business idea.

Fourth profitable business idea


Puffed quinoa bar dipped in chocolate. The supplies are from Junín. They seek to export this product, in view of the demand for natural foods.

Fifth profitable business idea

Guaupo – SPA for pets

With a US $ 50,000 investment, the students would seek to build a Pet Spa in an area of ​​400 square meters. The target audience would mainly belong to socioeconomic levels A and B. There would be different rates, depending on the type of service and products purchased.

Taken from pqs.pe

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