3 Business models that never fail

A business consists of an activity or system in order to obtain remuneration, the fundamental thing when starting a business is to invest little and that are profitable; Such is the case of franchises, multilevel and vending; where the models are extremely simple, the investment It depends on each person and it can generate a lot of capital.

1. Franchise

This business format is completely aimed at the commercialization from goods and services according to which a natural or legal person or better known as franchisor, grant to another ‘franchisee‘, for a specified time the right to use a trademark.

In this case the franchisors transmit the necessary technical knowledge and the business model, as well as the method of market. That is why it is such an effective and proven model since it includes operating manuals, training, equipment and raw materials, administrative support, technical assistance, and advertising and promotion campaigns.

According to an interview with the Director General of Franchises of the Ministry of Economy, the most recognized are those of the food and beverage market, and approximately 75 percent are of Mexican origin.Business models

2. Vending machines

This is an automated mechanism to dispatch products to the user by only depositing the amount of the price from sale to the public, it is located in places where there is a high influx of people such as centers commercial, corporations, government offices and schools, to name a few.

It is a business that can operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which is why it is profitable, and it also does not require a lot of time, you can carry out another activity; The important is to invest on machines, permission and a have administration neat to keep the unit stocked.

There is a great variety such as coffee machines, snak machines, airtime, drinks, among others and in our country there are several distributors such as Gárgola Energy Dink, Shot Cup Café and Grupo Secic.

3. Multilevel

The multilevel consists of the following scoop “the more you sell, the higher the discount and the higher the income”, This is how the multilevel business is normally managed and there is a strong supply of products.

In this case, it is important to have ease to invite more people and convince them to join a business network, with which profits and prizes are obtained, depending on the growth of this.