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25 Ways To Double Your Blog Productivity This Week

How would you rate the productivity of your blog?

Whether you are an experienced blogger or one just starting out to gain momentum, in both cases we all feel we can be more productive over time on our blog.

When it comes to productivity and time management, most bloggers know they need to improve.

They just don’t know where to

25 Ways To Double Your Blog Productivity This Week

The good news is that… it is not at all difficult to improve and double the productivity of your activity as a blogger.

In fact, a few small changes in some key areas in the blogging process can dramatically increase your productivity in a short period of time.

The Work Environment

1. Organize your workspace – wash all the cups with old coffee and throw all the candy wrappers off your table. An organized workspace allows you to have organized thoughts.

2. Close the door – whenever possible close the door or isolate yourself in some way when you are writing on your blog. Make sure everyone in your home understands that a closed door means you can’t have interruptions unless it’s an emergency.

3. Disconnect – Turn off the television. Close Facebook, Twitter, Skype. You may like a lot that your dog is by your side while you blog, but if he insists on being pampered every 10 minutes, take him out of your work environment. Try to minimize distractions at all costs.

4. Get a timer – most people can only concentrate for 45-60 minutes. I’ve found that my productivity when I’m blogging skyrockets if I do it for an hour. Take a 15-30 minute break and then I go back to it. I really do the tasks on my blog always accompanied by a timer. Get one and I assure you that you will not regret it.

Manage time on your blog

5. Connect with productivity leaks – Conduct an audit of your time and discover where the big time wasters appear. Mine were in reading a lot of blogs, on Twitter and listening to the radio while writing. Where are yours? Audit your time and fix those leaks.

6. Find your most productive time of the day to write – some people write much better in the morning and others are more productive at night. Find what is your most productive moment of the day and dedicate all that time to your blogging efforts.

7. Create an agenda – You can use Google Calendar to organize the agenda of your articles and to remind you to write regularly. Find what works for you and use it to organize your blog’s agenda.

8. Don’t multitask – multitasking will decimate productivity on your blog. So just focus on doing that main task, finish it, and move on to another.

9. Don’t try to be perfect – You can choose between perfectionism or productivity, but you cannot have both. Trying to be perfect is a never ending task and will put your business in jeopardy in the long run.

Capture Ideas For Your Articles

10. Subscribe to the RSS Feed of your niche blogs – send them to your favorite reader to have a “hub” of potential ideas for your blog articles.

11. Capture your ideas on the go – use a simple paper, the voice recorder of your mobile phone or any other system that allows you to capture ideas for articles from your blog instantly. Only by implementing this change will you be increasing the productivity of your blog.

12. Use Google Alerts – get more potential ideas for your blog articles. Just type in the keywords and wait for Google to send them to your inbox.


13. Establish your plan – and you shouldn’t just do it when you’re blogging. Set goals, configure the plan to achieve them and do not separate yourself from it.

14. Use schematics – will help you organize your ideas and stay focused. And you will finish your articles much faster!

15. Unfinished business – If at one point you find yourself blocked, put your post aside and come back to it later. Having many articles in development will help improve your productivity when you run out of ideas.

16. Let your ideas flow – let your ideas flow without interruption. Write them down and when you’re done, save them as a “draft” so you don’t lose them.

17. Use plugins to help your SEO – Plugins like SEO Yoast will help you keep all your articles search engine friendly… they will work like a Swiss watch.

18. Change places – Sometimes changing scenery can do wonders. Go out to your favorite cafeteria or to a library, etc, etc. Anywhere that works for you!

Share and Promote

19. Create a list for later checking – After you publish a new article, you will have a list to check with the promotion and exchange tasks for each article.

20. Join a “tribe” – Syndicate your content and comment on articles in “tribes” (alliances you form with other bloggers … soon you will have news in this blog on the subject) can send your blog to the top of Google in no time.

21. Outsourcing – If you want to outsource something from your blog, I recommend that it be the promotion or the graphics and images that you need for it, if necessary, but never your content. after all, it’s your blog!

22. Use OnlyWire – Submit your articles to dozens of social sites at once with just one click. This will allow you an incredible time saver.

Put yourself first

23. Exercise and eat healthy – a healthy body increases your productivity dramatically. You will be able to think more clearly and your writing will reap the results.

24. Sleep well – nothing is more restorative to the human brain than a good night’s sleep. If you haven’t had a good night’s rest, your creativity and productivity will suffer.

25. Disconnect when necessary – Sometimes you need to get away from everything a bit and take a break. Don’t feel bad about leaving your blog for a few days. A little break after all will increase your productivity.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all these changes to implement?

If you’ve been looking for these 25 Ways to Double Your Blog Productivity and are feeling a bit overwhelmed by how many changes you should make, I have good news for you! It is not necessary to make these changes all at once.

Simply by applying some of these tips, you will begin to see a notable improvement in the productivity of your blog. Of course, the more changes you implement, the better the productivity results will be on your blog.

Tips to make your day more productive


Now is your turn!

Share your tips for increasing productivity on your blog, leave a comment below, and join the discussion.