25 secrets to wealth and success

Training, being informed and reading frequently are skills that if we do not have them ingrained in ourselves, we should integrate them into our lives.

Training will not only give us new ideas, it will literally open our minds, and reading is the mother of all things, what a quiet moment of reading a good book or article can do is priceless, we never know until what point influences our conscious and unconscious life.

This article leaves the usual resources, strategies or tools to earn money on the internet, but it is as or more important than these; In this article I want to share some fragments of the thoughts of the richest people in the world, I borrow them from an ebook entitled “25 secrets to wealth and success”Published by Forbes magazine, a cutting-edge publication on investing, business and marketing.


Here are some of the richest men and some of their thoughts:

1- Find your passion: Bill gates, I talk about the importance of finding something that we are passionate about and focusing on that. Passion allows us to add overtime, to immerse ourselves in the search and find pleasure in the work we do.

two- Make yourself smart: Developing your intelligence in an area of ​​passion and interest is essential if you are going to be ahead of everyone else. It is important to read, research, talk to others, listen to alternative options, and start training your mind to remember information. Bill Gates also highlights staying in good physical shape to stay mentally healthy and lower stress levels.

3- Be sincere: Making efforts and maintaining ethics in everything you do is essential as you work to develop your company, business, product or service. If you are always honest in your business, you will forge long-lasting relationships with your business partners who will help you in your efforts to grow and improve.

4- Use a team: You can’t do it all alone, so getting a united team that is competent, talented, and works well together is as essential as an entrepreneur. If you want to move forward, combining assets rather than dividing up small departments or units is essential.

5- Carlos Slim Helu, creator of the CARSO group, also tell us about the importance of maintaining austerity in good times for times of crisis.

6- Reinvest company profits.

7- Stay optimistic

8- Be creative in solving not only your business problems, but also those of the society around you.

9- Look for possibilitiesEven in tough times, they are there, if you have the ability and the tools.

10- Leave nothing behind when we’re gone, only what we do while we are alive has value.

eleven- Entrepreneurs are the creators of wealth who temporarily manage.

12- Warren buffett, tells us: Know what you know and what you don’t, what you like and what you dislike, tailor your investments, businesses, and plans towards the things you know and like, and avoid what you don’t know or don’t like. It is important to work within the area of ​​strengths and avoid areas of weakness or in any case delegate them to another person you trust.

13- Don’t take yourself too seriously, but treat everyone else very seriously.

14- Money is a tool, not a way to become immortal.

fifteen- Make the media a friend.

16- One of Warren Buffett’s quotes that sums up his ideas about success is “You only have to do very few things right in your life forever and not do too many things wrong.”

17- Lakshmi Mittal, leader in the steel industry, leaves us some clues as well; for example “make changes” take risks and dare to make the necessary changes until we obtain what we are looking for.

18- Get out of the old ways, look for solutions considering what could be done and not what was already done. Finding a solution, implementing changes, and moving forward rather than backward is the key to being successful.

19- Lawrence Ellison, founder of ORACLE, for just thinking big is one of the main keys to success. Thinking that you cannot be successful is more of a hindrance than anything else you may encounter in the real world.

twenty- Work hard: There is no way to get ahead without working hard, but you can be smart about how you are going to work.

twenty-one- Have determination: You have to take risks, but you also have to know where you want to go and plan the way to get there. Use fear to your advantage, don’t let it work against you.

22- Balance your life: In life it cannot be all work and it cannot be all a game, you have to know where the balance is. If you don’t enjoy your life, then the determination is not going to last long.

2. 3- Be ambitious– Talk about what you want to do with your friends, family, and those around you. By proudly stating what you want to do, you will feel more confident, and you will find people to help you achieve what you want.

24- Courage at all times: Feel confident in your skills, your product, and your ability to move forward. Don’t let someone tell you what you can or can achieve, observe both the successes and failures of others and learn from all of them. And always question your current situation.

25- Courage: There are two famous phrases that summarize his philosophy: “when you innovate, you have to be prepared for everyone who tells you that you are crazy” and “I have had all the necessary disadvantages for success”.

There is much more information about these characters, but what they leave us really has no value, what they have achieved speaks for itself, I hope you find this information of interest, it may not be related to how to make a blog, but I assure you that in the previous words they will find what they need and more …

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