13 sales techniques to help your business grow

Every online entrepreneur, every person is in one way or another in the sale, the way in which we do it or in which we react to this reality is another matter; As an online entrepreneur I want in this article to share with you a lecture given by Enrique de J. Gómez Gordillo Ruelas, a graduate in Communication Sciences and has been training and advising students, employees, businessmen and entrepreneurs for more than 25 years.

He talks to us about sales, I assure you that you will not waste your time when watching the video, below the video I have added some fragments of what this professional exposed.


The businessman solves problems for other people in exchange for money

The seller solves problems in exchange for a commission.

Three ways to have more money in a business:

  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce expenses
  • Sell ​​surplus assets

Four activities to earn more with your business

  • Increase the number of clients
  • Increase the purchase average
  • Increase purchase frequency
  • Increase customer permanence

You need to know what business you have to know the strategy you need to use.

The different types of clients:

Relational clients

Increase purchase averages certain regularity, you need to implement instruments to increase purchase averages with discounts, unique opportunities, etc.

Transactional customers

They work based on recommendations, if you provide an excellent product you are recommended by themselves. A customer is the way to reach another customer.

Sales ceremonies

Step processes that used with all clients you can estimate results.


Correctly qualify prospects, not all people can be your customers, to know this you need to follow four basic criteria:

  • Know if the person has the urge
  • If you have the budget
  • If you have the authority to make the decision
  • If there is a clear need for the product or service

Many times a questionnaire serves to qualify you previously.

Three types of clients:


He does not care about the price, he loves quality and prestige, recognition, he is afraid or interested in what they will say, he cares about respect and admiration.
Many times a sale is not achieved for a simple reason, we have made a mistake when qualifying our prospect.


You are not interested in the technical, it is comfortable looking for home service. He looks for what suits him, wants to be satisfied, that is easy to use, simple, home services, avoids discomfort and seeks to maintain the lifestyle or work.


He looks for facts, numbers, concrete proposals, specific deadlines, clear winnings, he is a haggle, he is impulsive and always tends to comparisons.

“If you want to sell solutions, first identify the problems”

What you want it for, how you want it, how you plan to use it, how you come to the conclusion that this is what you need,

People look for benefits, solutions, satisfactory experiences, therefore a salesperson solves emotional problems, he does not need to focus on economics. People do not buy products, they buy what they offer, the sensation that they produce.

Sales techniques

The parent objection, identify the main objection and put it at the beginning so that the client cannot use it against you.

“If you don’t measure, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

“Sell to those who want what you offer, never to those who need it or teach them to love what you offer.”
It is one thing to need something and a very different thing is to want something …

When anyone is your customer, no one is your prospect.
First you need to know what people want and then you sell it to them.

“When people want something they don’t stop to get it.”

The importance of having permission to sell

The correct way to start the conversation is:

  • Confirm the problem – ask what your problem is.
  • Mention the solution – mention the solution
  • Ask for the time – ask for the time for the explanation, if the answer is positive this is your opportunity.

GOLDEN rule: “In cold you cannot make sales.”

Always offer your most expensive product, you will have time to go down to other options but always emphasizing that the lower priced ones do not have the full benefits that the first offers.

The formula of your business- This is the way you sell it and it is what you always need to use. Once you discover the formula you can apply it to the fullest.

Make overselling something natural – if you already have the sale you can convince them to buy something else, only if you already have the customers ready.

“Advertising helps you attract prospects, not customers.”. Prospects are achieved by offering them simple gifts or educating them.

Three-step system to attract new prospects:

  1. Make justified promotions
  2. Use advertising to educate and sell
  3. It is better to give away than to discount. If you offer a service and your client finds it very expensive, never offer discounts, offer them your product for free for a month and then if they decide to stay, you have one more client.

“The importance of educating the client”

Focus on delivering a positive and concrete experience to your customers.
Entrepreneurship is not just an activity, it is an attitude of life.

They will criticize you … ignore them

Have fun, boring businessmen do boring business.

“Passion is the most important thing, don’t do anything if you don’t feel it.”

I hope this article is useful for you, it does not matter if you are an online entrepreneur or have your business outside of this area, the concepts that are applied here are essential for the correct sale that leads to true results.

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