10 Recommended tools to create an Internet business

An Internet business has a solid foundation on which everything that the millions of surfers on the web can see every day is built, even more so when we are entrepreneurs and want to start our business, it is more than smart to know in advance which are the resources or tools that are used or that we need to start walking with a firm step.

In this article I want to talk to you about the tools or resources with which you can create an online businessI do not intend here to leave you any exclusive recommendation on which resource to use, rather I want to focus on the reasons for the need for these tools; And yes, I’ll give you a few examples of some of the tools that most Internet marketers know about.

When you finish reading this article you will have a more exact idea of ​​what you will need to start your business online, as everything is not necessary that you acquire them the same day that you decide to start, but with the passing of the months they are tools or resources that you will need to implement to achieve a business that offers you profitability.


10 Tools to create an Internet business.

Beyond the renowned or famous online platforms, I will talk about why you need this or that tool and what you achieve with it for your business.

1- Web Domain- A domain is the name of your online business, through this name your potential customers will find you so you need to think very well what that name will be, generally a domain name is chosen taking into account the business model or the market niche where you want to start.

Although there is no single rule, a domain name can be chosen according to different parameters, even your first and last name can be your domain, especially if you want to work your brand online. One of the best known companies to acquire a domain is GoDaddy.com.

2- Web Hosting- When you acquire a domain name you need to host that domain in a hosting site, known as a web server, this platform will contain all your files and pages of your business, in short, “your business”, you can imagine how important this can be, Although you can always work by making backup copies of all your work, it is recommended that you start with a quality or renowned hosting from the beginning.

I have worked with many hosts so I can recommend Hostgator and GVO.

3- Blog platform- Talking about your blog is talking about your presence on the Internet, through your blog your business can be found, otherwise they can only do it by searching platforms that do not belong to you, which there are many online that allow you to create your own blog, But like I told you before, they don’t belong to you.

The blog platform most used by entrepreneurs on the Internet are those created in WordPress.org, there are others, but this platform is chosen for many factors, including the ease with which it can be positioned in search engines, the great possibility of adapting its designs , functionalities or plugins, the thousands of resources that have been created for this platform.

4- Email-Marketing Platform- An email marketing platform is what allows you to start creating one of your most important assets online, I am talking about the list of subscribers, I know you have heard a lot about it, but the list of subscribers together with your Hosting that support your business are the two most important things about it; Your blog, your website may disappear, but if you have your list on a secure platform, you can resume your business with minimal effort, this is reality.

Studies show that the mailing list continues to be at the tip of the highest sales conversions, much more than social media or SEO work we can do online, therefore cultivating a list and even more, an excellent relationship with This list is vital to the success of your business.

One of the platforms best known for its quality and reliability among entrepreneurs is undoubtedly Aweber.

5- Software for creating landing pages- Every business needs clients and these online are achieved through a process that we carry out together with your autoresponder, your email marketing, but this is not all, you will also need to work the entire conversion process professionally; generally platforms or certain plugins or software are used exclusively to create all these pages.

It is necessary to clarify that the image and quality of your pages play a fundamental role in the success of your business, since you can have excellent content, of great quality and value, but if you do not show them professionally to your potential clients you will surely be working far below your means.

There are various plugins or platforms online to create all these pages in a sales process or in your marketing funnel, for example Optimize press.

6- Software to create videos- Undoubtedly you need to work with this option, creating video in your business can take you to another level, the traffic of potential clients that exist on platforms such as YouTube is immense, so you need to create videos about your business and upload them to this type of platforms. There are many options you can count on to create your videos and upload them to your channel, for example one of the best known is Camstasia.

7- Payment platform or shopping cart- As your business develops, your experience will grow so you will be able to create your own products, which you can sell online and for this you will need a platform that processes your sales and gives you the money for these sales, once again they exist many payment platforms, depending on the business model you use and the products you want to market, for example, I personally work with Paypal.com and ClickBank.

8- Platform for results analysis- We cannot leave out the tools to track the results of your business, sales, number of subscribers, conversions of your ads, your landing pages, etc, etc.

When we started we probably did not take it so seriously this to analyze for scale our business, but over time it becomes clear to us that the only way to grow is to know what we can improve, what we need to change or what is not working, and we can only know all this by analyzing all the information with web analysis platforms. One of the best known and with which we can already have the necessary data to start is Google Analytics.

9- Outsourcing- The world of the online entrepreneur is not exactly a place where you have to do few things or handle few variables; With the passage of time and you begin to grow with your business, you will begin to give more value to time, and even if you manage to optimize your time to the maximum, you only have 24 hours and you will need to rest as well.

The solution is simple, delegate work, it is not simple but you need to start little by little and delegating what takes you the longest to do and dedicate yourself exclusively to producing what you are given the most and the best conversions or profits it brings to your business.

There are several platforms where you can hire virtual assistants, for example Trabajofreelance.com, Elance.com, Fiverr.com, Odesk or 99Designs.

10- Platforms to share files in the cloud- Your business will need flexibility with the information, with the files that you handle or want to transfer to other people, for this purpose, specialized web platforms are used to accumulate large amounts of data and make them available to you from anywhere just by having access to the Internet.

These platforms are generally “100% secure” and will make things much easier for you, you no longer need to be transporting information on your PC or on a CD, mp3, etc., you can have all your information in one place and on the web or on the cloud as it is known.

Two platforms that I know for this are Google Drive, Dropbox.

Up to here with tools to create an online businessIt is not all you will need but it is already a good start, I hope this information has been of value to you, I invite you to leave your comments about what tools you use or you can even share this content with other people so that it can be helpful in the beginning.

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