10 essential productivity ideas for online entrepreneurs

“Time is not enough for me”, “I don’t have time and the day is not enough for me”, “I have thousands of things to do and I don’t know where to start”, etc, etc, etc.

Surely some of these phrases sound “familiar” to you, if we are on the path of entrepreneurship it is very common that when we start, and also for a long time afterwards, we have to deal with these issues until we can form in ourselves the habit of working properly. organized, since only in this way can we achieve the productivity necessary to achieve the results that as entrepreneurs surely we have already considered ourselves.

In this article I want to share with you 10 essential ideas, since surely there are thousands of more ideas, and to improve productivity for online entrepreneurs.


Productivity for online entrepreneurs – creating the necessary habits.

Divide your time into blocks- One of the main problems we face when we fail in our productivity is not knowing exactly what we have to do, or when or for how long we have to do it. Defining these issues clarifies almost the whole picture.

Working in defined blocks is very effective, even when we follow more than one project at a time, the secret here is to define in advance what we want to do, the tools or resources that we will need to carry out the project and most importantly, how long we will be focused on it.

It is generally best to work focused on a particular task for 30 minutes, of course each person can define their focus time for themselves, but you should not forget that you can have a minimum break of ten minutes for example and then you need to continue with the tasks. other tasks that you have scheduled for this day.

Determine the periods of greatest productivity for you This is vital, since there is no single rule, each person is different and for one person it may be more effective to work early in the morning, another in the middle of the morning after doing gymnastics or pass, another maybe you prefer to work in the afternoon, etc.

It is very important that the schedule you choose is the most comfortable for you, it generally does not work to force yourself to do things that you do not want to do in times that you do not enjoy it, once again each person is different, therefore you need to search and choose your own productive schedules.

Analyze your day before going to sleep- The value of this habit is very important and one of the most difficult for us to acquire, for the simple reason that if we do it we will reveal other valences that have escaped us or clearly show us how we use time on that day.

What we need to analyze at least ten minutes before sleeping is mainly:

– What did I do today?

– Was there a period of time that you could have used more productively?

– What tasks scheduled for this day were left undone? Therefore I need to put them on the calendar for tomorrow.

– Are there periods of time or habits that I could improve, if so, when do I start?

Incentives or rewards- One part that we should never forget when we work for ourselves, when we are seeking to improve our productivity as online entrepreneurs is that we are the most important part of our business, therefore we need to do things for a specific reason, a prize, an incentive, But this does not mean that it is a prize that we will achieve in months or years.

I am talking about working and encouraging you by giving you likes or prizes for having achieved the goals that you had set out to do, gifts, trips, clothes, books, etc. What you enjoy doing without a doubt.

Divide your tasks, from those that cost you the most to those that are easier to do them. This is a habit that will protect you in case the idea of ​​leaving that task for tomorrow assails you, generally when we begin to perform the scheduled tasks is when we are with more energy, so the most logical thing is to dedicate ourselves to doing the most difficult or those that more results will bring us to some kind of level, whether they are higher sales, subscribers, influence, etc.

In every venture there are, do not tell me that it does not happen to you, actions or tasks that are more complicated or in appearance more difficult and yet they are tasks that are vital, even those that are often repetitive tasks, which take time or early you will need to delegate and dedicate yourself only to what you are good or really enjoy.

Work in your own private space- I know that starting out is not easy, but over time we need to get our space in which we know that we will not be interrupted by anyone, this is the best and will contribute greatly to improve our productivity more than we can imagine.

Even disconnect from electronic media such as smartphones, office phones, instant messaging, etc. Once we achieve what we want to do on that day, we can be available again for all those events or cases that require our attention.

Mini-milestones, mini projects, mini tasks- Generally when we start a project, but even when we are starting for our mind everything seems to be a “great project”, which in order to face this challenge it is best to divide this “great project” into small projects or actions that when added together will achieve the project in general.

For example, when trying to write our first book or our report to give them to our subscribers, it is common to feel overwhelmed by the task that awaits us, but if we establish a specific day and time to start with a first chapter, the next day the second and so on, then it will happen that when we least expect it we will already have our book or report available to give away.

Determine deadlines- This advice is already included in one of the previous points, however it is vital to repeat it, working with deadlines in days and in time is vital to give our mind a feeling of value and importance, which will put it to work to think the best way to do it.

An idea is good, a project is good, but proposing a start and end date is what will actually get you moving.

Make a promise to other people you appreciate- When we commit ourselves to other people about an action that we want to carry out, we generally look for a way to look good to them and not seem like a fickle person who does not keep his word, so we talk about our projects and what we will do within certain times can help us in a positive way.

Always try to do it in front of people who care about you and for you they are people that you also appreciate greatly, otherwise it doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Use resources or applications that allow you to carry everything in your hand- Having our entire plan at our fingertips, for example a smartphone or an electronic diary, is of great help for those moments when you come up with ideas and you don’t want to let them slip away, even to program new actions to carry out later. in our businesses.

Currently there are a great variety of applications that you can have on hand and they will be of great help in our way ofentrepreneur.

Learn to say NO- What does this have to do with being productive? EVERYTHING, if we fill ourselves with things to do, if we say yes to everyone, then we will not have time to work on what we consider important. Always maintaining a favorable attitude towards others is also knowing how to say NO and then explaining the reason, surely they will understand you, they can even help you if they prefer.

Productivity for online entrepreneurs


I hope these tips on the productivity for online entrepreneurs They are useful to you, I am sure that you will understand the value of all this in a business to achieve results, I invite you to leave your comments or share this article with other people who may find it useful.

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