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πŸ₯‡ The best paid careers πŸ’° in the USA, Mexico and Peru 【2021】

You have questions about your university career and you want to know what they are the highest paid careersWell, you are worried about your future and you want to choose the best among the abundance of careers that are presented to you, because when faced with this question you need information about those that receive a better payment once you enter the labor market.

For this reason, below you will receive that information you are looking for so that you know which ones ensure that you will receive a better salary worldwide and in particular in Mexico Y Peru In this way, regardless of the country where you reside, you have accurate data on how employers handle themselves when paying salaries to their professional employees, depending of course on each profession.

The highest paid careers with more job opportunities

When you search the highest paid careersThese, at the same time, are the ones that assure you a greater job opportunity, since it is a market that is changing over time in a dizzying way with changes that are noticeable above all in digitization.

  1. However, careers such as big data continues to lead the ranking of greatest demand since 2019 and in 2021 it continues with the same trend.

If you follow this university career, in Mexico you can earn a monthly salary of between $ 36,000 to $ 66,000, while with this same profession in the United States you can earn an annual salary of between $ 95,000 to $ 124,000.

  1. Second, you can think of a career as a web analyst or web analyst. With your expertise you will be in charge of the measurement and analysis of the advertising and audience data of a website. With this profession of web analyst, in the United States you can earn an annual salary of between 65,000 and 74,000 dollars while in Mexico you will earn approximately $ 180,000 per year.
  1. As a third option you can think of a project facilitator, scrum master or digital Project manager. You will be in charge of project management with your profile of mentor or coach who will accompany your work team to achieve a successful project.

If you work as a scrum master in Mexico, your average annual salary will be $ 468,000 while with this same profession in the United States you will earn between 101,000 and 139,000 dollars per year depending on the location.

  1. Although the university degree in medicine is a traditional career, you should consider it because it is very diverse with its specializations, because although you can choose to be a general practitioner. Being a professional in this sector you can earn an average of $ 3,000 per month.
  2. Psychiatry is one of the highest paid university degrees, to graduate you will have to complete medical training and dedicate yourself to this specialty that studies everything that has to do with the behavior of the human brain and your salary will be much higher than that of any doctor
  3. Software engineering oriented to health and the automotive industry is another of the best paid, with a constantly increasing demand. On average you can earn in Mexico between $ 30,000 and $ 32,000 per month, while in the United States you will earn an average of $ 37,000 per month.

Highest paid careers in the world

Although you are interested in knowing the highest paid careers in the worldIt is important that the university degree you choose is about what you really like, although it is not too much for you to know what the payment you will receive once you graduate from university and enter the job market.

If you study systems engineering you will access the market of the most advanced countries such as Sweden, Germany or the United States where your average salary would be at $ 10,800.

Highest Paying Careers in Mexico Currently

While you may have knowledge about the currently highest paid careers in Mexico, according to the average monthly salary you can think about:

  • Atmospheric Sciences and Earth Sciences, which allows you to earn between $ 18,000 and $ 158,000.
  • A university degree in economics allows you to enjoy a monthly salary of between $ 18,000 and $ 38,000.
  • Extraction and mining is another college degree that you can opt for and you will earn between $ 17,000 and $ 431,000 per month.

Highest paid college degrees in mexico

If the above are not to your liking, others Highest Paid College Degrees in Mexico that you can think of are:

  • Insurance, bank and finance that allows you to dedicate yourself to risk analysis or financial operations, you can access high jobs.
  • If you like physics and mathematics, you can opt for Processes and Manufacturing and you will dedicate yourself to the processes of the industry and improvement of machinery.

Highest paid careers in Peru

Regarding the highest paid careers in Peru If you are interested in making sure you get a good salary and postpone your intuition and personal taste, you can choose to:

  • Agribusiness that upon graduation you can access an average monthly salary of S / 3778.
  • Second, you can choose a traditional university degree such as Medicine that allows you to access an average monthly salary of S / 3385.
  • If you like the engineering and you graduate as an engineer in telecommunications You will be able to access an average monthly salary of S / 3316.
  • You can study business Administration and work on your own or for a private or public company and you will earn an average monthly salary of S / 3230.
  • If you like engineering and graduate as electrical engineer, your average monthly salary can be S / 3175.
  • The geology It is a modern university degree that allows you to earn an average of S / 3161 per month.

What is the highest paid career in Mexico 2021?

You know what is the highest paid career in Mexico 2021, because according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare it is the career of Earth and Atmosphere Sciences with an average monthly salary of $ 18,158.

What is the best career to study in Mexico?

You know what is the best career to study in Mexico And that assures you a good future, because it is the career of chemistry, after graduating you will be able to work in the academic sector, in government laboratories and in business research and your average monthly salary can be $ 33,266.

What are the lowest paid professions in Mexico?

You should also know what are the lowest paid professions in MexicoAccording to the IMCO, in the number one position is the career of educational guidance and counseling whose average monthly salary is $ 7,574.

What are the shortest and highest paid majors?

It is also important that you know what are the shortest and highest paid careersFor example, you can think of big data, social media, marketing, e-commerce specialist, device development and Apps.

What are the highest paid professions?

Did you understand what are the highest paid professionsIn Mexico, technical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, medicine, automation and electronics, environmental sciences, and advertising and marketing are considered.

What is the best thing to study?

You still doubt about what is the best thing to study, since engineering and computer science are still among the most recommended careers, although those in greatest demand in the world and particularly in Europe are business management and administration.