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www.connectebt.com is the official Connect EBT Benefits website used for administration Footsteps, WIC, and cash payments for various government programs listed on this page. In addition, you can log into your EBT account to check yours SNAP, WIC, or cash balance using the simple guide we’ve provided in this article.

In order to check your ConnectEBT balance, you must log into your ConnectEBT account online with your registered user ID and password in order to be able to check the balance on your card. So please follow the instructions on this page to learn how to create an online ConnectEBT account and log in to check your balance.

Connect the EBT status program

  • Connecticut EBT
  • Connecticut WIC
  • Delaware EBT
  • Georgia EBT
  • Indiana EBT
  • Indiana WIC
  • Iowa EBT
  • Louisiana EBT
  • Maryland EBT
  • Michigan EBT
  • Michigan WIC
  • Mississippi EBT
  • New Jersey EBT
  • New York EBT
  • Ohio EBT
  • Oklahoma EBT
  • Oklahoma WIC
  • Pennsylvania EBT
  • South Carolina EBT
  • Tennessee EBT
  • Utah EBT
  • Vermont WIC
  • Virginia EBT

The above status uses the ConnectEBT system to manage the following performance programs:

  1. Grocery stamps (SNAP)
  2. Temporary aid for families in need (TANF)
  3. Cash assistance
  4. Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC).

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www.connectebt.com EBT balance login

You can log in to check your balance provided your state is on the list above. However, the first time you visit the website, you will need to create a user ID and password.www.connectebt.com

To create an online account to access your EBT balance, select your government program and enter your zip code, date of birth and EBT card number in the field provided to create an account. Next, enter a user ID and password. This is the user ID and password that you will use to log in and check your EBT balance each time you visit the website.

  • Visit to check your EBT balance www.connectebt.com
  • Select your status program from the drop-down menu on the right.
  • After you have selected your status program, enter your “User ID” and your “Password” on the left side of the page.www.connectebt.com
  • Click Sign In to access your account balance.

Forgot your password or user ID?

If you have lost or forgotten your user ID, select your status program on the right.

Then click “Forgotten User ID” if you’ve forgotten your User ID, or click “Reset Password” if you need to reset your password. From there you will receive instructions on how to proceed.

To recover your User ID, you will need to provide your zip code, date of birth and EBT card number so that you can retrieve your User ID information.

To reset your password, you must provide your postcode, date of birth and your EBT card number. You then have the option of entering a new password.

Assuming the user ID and password entered are correct, you will be directed to your ConnectEBT page where you can do the following:

  • Check your EBT card balance
  • Check the transaction history
  • Review recent transactions
  • Change / update personal information.

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How to check ConnectEBT balance over the phone

Apart from checking your ConnectEBT balance online at www.connectebt.comyou can also check your balance over the phone. Below is the ConnectEBT balance phone number by state. In addition, you can also use this number to call ConnectEBT customer service if there are problems with your card account or transactions on your card.

Status ConnectEBT Balance phone number
Alabama 1-800-997-8888
Arkansas 1-800-997-9999
Connecticut 1-888-328-2666
Connecticut 1-855-222-0510
Delaware 1-800-526-9099
Georgia 1-888-421-3281
Indiana 1-877-768-5098
Indiana 1-855-349-1454
Iowa 1-877-347-5678
Louisiana 1-888-997-1117
Maryland 1-800-997-2222
Michigan 1-888-678-8914
Michigan 1-888-678-8914
Mississippi 1-866-512-5087
New Jersey 1-800-997-3333
new York 1-888-328-6399
Ohio 1-866-386-3071
Oklahoma 1-888-328-6551
Oklahoma 1-866-562-2702
Pennsylvania 1-888-328-7366
South carolina 1-800-554-5268
Tennessee 1-888-997-9444
Utah 1-800-997-4444
Vermont 1-800-914-8605
Virginia 1-866-281-2448

If you have any problems accessing your EBT balance, please use the comments section to let us know. We will help you as soon as possible.

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