Where and how to get them safely

Have you heard about virtual cards, but do you know exactly what they are? Do you know how to get them or get them? And those of visa or mastercard or those of interbank and even prepaid or credit, do you know what they are for? Do you know how to create them? Well, you will know all the answers to your questions below so that you know exactly what they are about so that later you can trust them …

Characteristics of virtual visa cards

The virtual visa cards They have the main feature that you can use them to make purchases online and you can even link them to your Neteller, Skrill and PayPal account.

You can buy them up to a value of $ 200 without charge for using them and you will use them as many times as you need as long as you have it and it is in force.

By verifying your identity you can make a charge request of 10 to 100 dollars.

Where to get a free virtual mastercard?

On ezzocard.com (https://ezzocard.com/#order-form) you can get one free virtual mastercard card. It serves you for the online payment of services and goods. You can buy it no matter where you are in the world and in the same way you will use them to make the payment online on any website that accepts prepaid MasterCard cards.

You should also know that these cards are compatible with the Address Verification Service and you can register them with any address and name without the need for verification in the registry, as you will register the card on the website and then you can also make the balance inquiry of the card and have your statement when you require it.

In short, you will buy your card to make purchases online, pay for services and verify personal accounts of AlertPay, Google Adwords, Money Brokers, iOffer and PayPal among others.

After you pay the card and the payment confirmation is received, you will have your card number, the expiration date and the CVV2.

How to get virtual prepaid cards?

The prepaid virtual cards You can get them at a bank or a fintech company, for example at Bankia, BBVA, Santander, Caixa, Ecard Openbank and Revolut.

The format will vary according to the entity that issues them, for example some will provide you with a prepaid credit card as if it were a conventional one, other entities manufacture them with other materials that cannot be used in a physical store and others issue them from a physical store. In such a way that they are totally virtual, it is not a physical card and you can only use it online with some information and the card number.

Then with your virtual card you can make online purchases of services and goods in an efficient and simple way, for example an online subscription or secure purchases and you will recharge it when you need it.

In fact, you can safely make purchases online and when you pay you don’t worry about any attempted theft because it can quickly be deactivated or eliminated.

You can even use it to pay for a plane, book a hotel, pay for a show or train tickets with the assurance that it will be accepted in all online shops and without the need for you to be a bank customer. card issuer.

How to get the virtual interbank card?

You can also access the virtual interbank card If you are a bank customer and when you request it, you can carry out any banking operation digitally.

It allows you to make the payment of your credit card and pay for services without commission and also make transfers between the accounts of other banks and the same bank.

To apply you must provide your ID, be the owner of a mobile line and not have a debit card.

To take out you must follow these simple steps:

  1. You must access the interbank website.
  2. Then you will choose products – cards – debit card and digital card.
  3. You will click on Login here.
  4. You will complete the information requested by the system and you will touch Let’s get started.
  5. You will validate your data by choosing Go to WhatsApp.
  6. You will record a video where you will say Interbank, I want to request my digital card, my ID is… and you will send it.
  7. You will wait 72 hours to receive the confirmation email.

What do virtual credit cards offer?

The virtual credit cards they offer you a replacement account number as it is randomly generated so that you can use it as a substitute for the actual credit card number.

In conclusion, it is a virtual credit card that works to make an electronic payment for online purchases and also by phone, so when making purchases online, when paying, you ask your bank for a virtual card with a maximum amount of money that you know you will use and an expiration date that you will evaluate.

What is the virtual klarna card?

The klarna virtual card It is for a single use so that you can use it in an online store in the United States, therefore every time you create one you get a unique number so that you can use it in the store as if it were a common credit card.

When buying in the Klarna App choose Pay with klarna when you create your card or you can also create it from My klarna.

Then you will enter the amount you want to spend (in dollars) and how you want to pay it.

When you pay, your address information that exists in the file is used, otherwise you must enter the billing and shipping address.

How do you create a virtual card?

You know how to create a virtual cardAn alternative is revolut.com where you can request the virtual card by entering Virtual- Cards and you will immediately find it in your application to use it for your online purchases.

What is a virtual card?

Did you understand what is a virtual card?, because as a financial instrument you can make online inquiries, transfers and purchases always online without the need to use cash or a physical card.

How to have virtual visa cards?

In a few steps you will get virtual visa cards:

  1. Enter the bank online.
  2. Choose My Products.
  3. Choose credit card.
  4. Select Virtual Card.

How to have virtual credit cards?

You know how to have virtual credit cards, as it has several places where you can obtain them such as:

  • BVA Card Before
  • BBVA Virtual Card.
  • BBVA Young Card Before.
  • Sabadell Prepaid.

Uses of virtual cards

You can consider the virtual cards as a digital invitation depending on the style of your event. In other words, you will not send a genetic invitation but a personalized one with a good design and quality, but those issued by banks or some websites are the ones that help you make purchases online quickly and safely without the risk of pishing.

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