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What is the cost of the online notary public course

You want to make a online notary public course because you want to officially represent the state and fulfill the various functions aimed at preventing fraud and being a witness when wills or documents of importance to people’s lives are signed.

You will be a government recognized professional with upright morality and you will carry out your duties with impartiality. Although states designate notaries under their own requirements and a commission structure particular to each state, it is obvious that once the course is finished you will have to meet the requirements that are different in each state, but you want to know …

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What is the fee for the online notary public course

Yes, you want to know how much a online notary public course, since there are several values ​​such as the following:

In general, despite the differences in each state, you must fill out an application and do a training test at the same time, that is, that application will be accompanied by a verification as the cost of a fee that is between 18 and 51 dollars , this value may include the oath expenses and the registration fee.

If you want your application to be processed and reviewed quickly, you will probably have to add a processing fee and these fees will accompany them when submitting the application.

In general, all states require a notary seal that will be used in notarial rights or you can purchase it prior to submitting the application.

The stamp

When a state requires a stamp, it is required to be used in the application, depending on whether the state may have a sample on file and there are even stamps with different styles adjusted to the standards required by each state.

Standard stamps can be found in office supply stores and are simply ordered with a particular wording with the printed version of the name and the manner in which you will sign as a notary.

In this sense, the price of the stamps varies between 18 and 40 dollars, since it is a value that varies according to the state and the size of the stamp.

Notary mark

It is also possible that the state requires a notary mark without the need for a seal, since the notary mark has the same information as the seal, since your signature and an image in relief on it will be found and its price varies. between $ 35 and $ 100 and you can apply for the notary mark at a notarial supply or office supply store.


In addition to all these issues that the states require, you will also need to secure yourself with a surety whose price varies depending on whether you hire it from one insurance company or another.

The bond is an insurance that protects you from errors that you may commit in the performance of your duties, therefore you must take out a notary’s insurance for errors and omissions.

With this policy you will have protections against any financial damage that it covers according to the limit of your policy.

Always depending on the requirements of the state and the insurance company, it is a basic bond with a cost of about $ 20.

In Florida, You must buy a bond or insurance to protect yourself from any inappropriate behavior that is worth $ 7,500 and you will have a guarantee that with this insurance you will have coverage up to $ 75,000 to face financial damages for a bad practice.

You can buy it from an insurance company authorized by Florida. They are insurance companies that will provide you as a notary with what you need and will send you the stamp. Keep in mind that you should check with several insurance companies, although the cost of 39 dollars to send the documentation is established by the state and the seal and the license can take 2 to 3 weeks.

The Department of State, through the bonding agency, will send you the document and the seal and then you can begin to practice your profession as a notary.

Anyway, before applying for a job, you should make sure if your state asks you for a notarial class. On the other hand, most of the territories and states do not request a type of special knowledge and training, but Florida and California will require a specific education and specialized training to grant you a license.

All this with classes that cost between 100 and 150 dollars and last between 3 and 6 hours.

Other states such as Oregon, Northern Calorina, Colorado, and California will require special classes for you to obtain a notary public license.

Then you must pass the notarial exam that applies to the state and you will become a candidate for a position as a notary public. The right to the exam usually costs $ 500.

Oregon, North Carolina, Colorado, California, Utah, New York, Nebraska, Maine, Louisiana, Hawaii, Columbia, and Connecticut are states that will require the exam if you want to obtain your notary public license.

In the exam you will have to answer 30 questions whose answers are of the multiple choice or multiple options type and also these answers must be done in a maximum of 50 minutes and to pass it you must answer 70% of the total correctly.

If your grade does not reach the correct 70%, it is likely that you will be able to take the exam again, but you will not be able to take it again twice within the calendar month and you will also have to wait for the result of your exam for about 15 days, as you will receive the result of your exam by email or by correspondence.

Once you have obtained your license by having passed the exam, it will be time to present yourself as a notary before a job position. To do this, you will fill out the application according to their instructions, because they will simply request personal information and other information that will relate to your previous work as a notary public and you will pay a cost of about $ 25 as a nominal filing fee.

Online Notary Public Course in Florida

In a school like Aaron Notary for Florida, you can take a online notary public course to graduate as a notary in a 6-hour course for a price of $ 101.96, but it offers you different packages, so you can opt for a public notary course for $ 76.

Another of its packages offers you the notary course in California, signature specialist, notary supplies, fingerprints, otario white ink stamp for a cost of $ 171.95.