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What are the best paid jobs

You are interested in knowing what the higher paying jobs to check if your salary is according to what is paid in the world? Or do you want to find out the salary of certain jobs because you study a university degree and you want to know how much you will earn when you get a job?

Well, in any case, below you will find what you want to know so that you can have a guide on wages in the United States and in Spain:

What are the highest paying jobs in the United States

First of all, taking the year 2017 as a reference, the best paid jobs are:


Doctors including surgery as a medical specialty top the list with an annual income of $ 187,876. However, despite starting at the top of the list, this annual income can vary depending on each medical specialty.

To work in the field of medicine in the United States, you will need to have completed your higher education at the age of eleven and if you are a foreigner and obviously studied at a foreign university, you must validate your studies or specialize by doing residency in the United States and you must obtain an exchange visa J-1,

It is a complex and extensive procedure, but you can also obtain a license to work as a nurse in the United States.


Although doctors are the best paid professionals in the United States, however the procedures to get a job are complex, nursing is another good option as it is in second place after doctors, since its salary is lower than that of doctors.

Pharmacy manager

The pharmacy manager ranks third as the highest paying job in America after doctors and nurses with a median annual income of $ 149,064.

Patent attorney

In fourth place are patent attorneys with an average annual income of $ 139,272.

Although each state has different requirements to get a job after completing this professional career, generally in the United States it is necessary that in addition to graduating from university, you have gone to law school for three years and have passed the exam Bar in the same state where you will practice.

Medical science liason

With median annual earnings of $ 132,842, it’s a job that relates to pharmaceutical labs, medical device manufacturers, and the medical clinic. Professionals need to have a doctorate in nursing or one of the branches of the life sciences.


Pharmacists have an average annual salary of $ 125,847 in the United States, but if you studied in your country you can validate your studies with NPLEX and FPGEE exams, in addition to the TOEFL, so that you can demonstrate your knowledge of English, as they are exams that will give you place to obtain a license, certification and approval.

Enterprise architects

Enterprise architects earn a median annual salary of $ 112,560. They are the ones in charge of planning and creating a technological strategy, taking into account the objectives of the company, that is, it has nothing to do with construction.

Medical assistants

With a median annual salary of $ 112,520, medical assistants are professionals who chose a career in high demand.

Application development managers

Application development managers earn an annual average of $ 112,045 in the United States, a job that is mostly filled by foreign professionals.

Development and investment manager

Development and investment managers earn an annual average of $ 111,095.


Controllers or auditors have an average annual salary of $ 110,855.

Highest paid jobs in the USA without university studies

It is true that if you want to work in the United States and have several university degrees you will achieve the best, but do not be discouraged because without university studies you can also get a well-paid job such as:

Distribution, warehouse or transportation manager

The average annual salary for a transportation manager is $ 85,000 while this same job pays $ 41.06 per hour. The managers are in charge of planning, directing and coordinating activities related to the distribution and transportation of merchandise according to the company’s own regulations and according to state and federal laws.

Police and detectives

To work in the United States as a police officer or detective you only need to comply with minimum studies and you will enter the police force, because having completed high school you can aspire to be a supervisor. But depending on the security force and your desire to promote, it is likely that another type of qualification will require you.

So to give you an idea about the salaries, in terms of detectives and police officers it reaches $ 80,930 while per hour they charge an average of $ 38.91.

Elevator Mechanics

In the United States you can work as an elevator mechanic as soon as you finish high school and you will complete 4 years of practice sponsored by a company or a union.

You can take care of the maintenance, repair and installation of elevators, escalators and freight elevators for an average annual salary of $ 78,640 or $ 37.81 per hour.

Nuclear operators

To work as a nuclear operator in the United States, you only need to have completed high school and then a technical training and an exam that will lead to obtaining a license.

You will be able to control the electrical flow in nuclear plants and you will earn an average annual gross salary of $ 79,350 or $ 37.67 an hour.

Highest paid jobs in Spain

If instead of traveling to the United States to settle, you plan to travel to Europe and want to know about the higher paying jobsYou can then be guided by this list where you will see from the best paid professionals to those who earn a lower salary. In this order they are:

Ordontologists and implantologists, exceeding 60,000 euros, engineering project managers, with a maximum average salary of 60,000 euros, IT directors, with a maximum average salary of 50,000 euros, Brand managers with a salary of between 40 and the 50,000 euros, the directors of companies, the financial directors, the directors of sales or commercial directors, the dentists, the computer architects and in last place are the industrial managers with the same previous salary range.

Best paid careers in Spain

The best paid careers in Spain are:

1. Ordontist with an average salary of 64,808 euros.

  1. Engineering director with an average salary of 59,615 euros.
  2. IT Director with an average salary of 50,335 euros.
  3. Brand Manager with an average salary of 46,684 euros.
  4. Director of a company with an average salary of 44 789 euros.
  5. Financial Director with an average salary of 44,656 euros.
  6. Sales director and commercial director with an average salary of 44,551 euros.