Web traffic – How to generate visits to your website

The best ways to advertise your business online

The online advertising It is vital for our business on the internet, for this we can use several resources. In this article I want to talk about some of the possibilities to attract more customers and subscribers to your business, the strategies that we can use can be defined in two groups, paid traffic and free traffic, each having its advantages and disadvantages.

Paid traffic:

The traffic generated by paying for traffic campaigns is the fastest and most direct, we can start today with a campaign and within hours when they are approved we can have thousands of visitors to our blog or business. The disadvantage is that when we stop hiring traffic campaigns to our business, we will no longer receive visitors until we reactivate them.

The best way to use this form of traffic is by creating marketing funnels, this is the same as achieving subscribers taking advantage of the high traffic that the campaigns provide us. In this way we will not only achieve traffic to our business, we will also be creating a list of subscribers that we can later use for multiple purposes of our online business.

Free traffic:

This type of traffic is slower than creating a campaign, but there are resources or strategies to achieve high traffic in a few days, on the other hand it is true that they are free but they will consume us much more time to work on building them, but the main advantage is that once they are created they can provide us with visits to our business for life, so to speak.

The resources that we can use and that will give us better results are, for example, generating traffic through social networks, creating a blog and writing articles.

In other articles on this blog I have already written about free traffic strategies, I invite you to see it.

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What nobody tells you about the Generation of visits or web traffic

Creating an online business is to be aware of several aspects that lead to its success, one of them is the web traffic that receives our blog or our static web pages, whether these are ecommerce pages or Facebook fanpage.

In this article I want to talk to you about the different generalities of achieving the web traffic to our work.

We always hear that web traffic is essential to the success of our business, but the reality is that if we do not know what to do with the traffic we receive, we are worse than before and can even harm us, since a visitor who comes to our blog and not comes across a clear proposal or quality content, I really doubt that it will go through that web page again.


So what can we do for him web trafficwill you ask me?

The web traffic en masse should only be generated after working on the bases, that is, on the pages, blogs etc, that we wanted to receive all that traffic, otherwise we are wasting money and time, which is the most important thing.

There are only two ways to generate web trafficOf course, within these two large categories there are multiple options, but in general we can only bring web traffic to our blog organically, for free or through SEO and by closing ads on advertising platforms such as Adwords, Facebook ads, etc.

There is no doubt that the fastest way to bring web traffic to our site is by creating ads on advertising platforms, but for this the work on our blog must be optimized so that each visitor who enters our blog performs a specific action. That leaves us the benefits we are looking for, otherwise we will be wasting the money, since after we stop advertising our traffic will return to zero.

Today the best platform to advertise is still Google Adwords, but with the changes they have made recently we have to inform ourselves very well to present to them a website to generate web traffic, for example: they will not accept sites with pop up windows, you will not be able to sell directly, that is, you will have to have content generated so that your visitors are informed first, they will ask you to make your privacy policies available to visitors, even more so if you integrate a subscription form, etc.

Of course we can use to generate web traffic the free option, only in money, because it will really consume us much more time and many times placed on a scale, it is convenient for us to pay if we know how to obtain the results we are looking for.

The free web traffic It is what we achieve through social networks, through organic positioning, working with SEO strategies, through inclusion in web directories, traffic through videos on the best platforms such as YouTube, link exchange, etc, etc.

In this regard, if you are an entrepreneur just starting out, it is best to start with web traffic free, until you understand how the world of online marketing works and give your work the necessary shape and then start generating paid web traffic or from the various advertiser platforms.

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