Virginia EBT Payment Schedule | Va Food Stamp payment dates

Each month, your EBT card will be replenished through the electronic power transmission system with the exact amount that you were approved for when applying for food stamps for Virginia. As a Virginia grocery recipient, knowing your Virginia EBT payment plan can help you plan your grocery stamp purchases at stores that are authorized SNAP retailers.

It is the Virginia Department of Social Services (DSS) that is responsible for administering the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as the Virginia Food Stamp Program. Once your Virginia EBT card is replenished with money each month, you can purchase groceries from stores that accept EBT cards in the United States.

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On this page we have provided you with information on the payment dates for grocery stamps in Virginia. And also how it determines when you will receive your refill each month. So check below for the current payment dates for Va grocery stamps.

Virginia EBT payment schedule

To find out when your next SNAP payment will be received, please see the Virginia Grocery Stamp payment details below.

NOTE: Services are provided from the 1st to the 9th day of each month based on the last digits of the customer’s case number.

Last digits of the customer’s case number Benefits available
0-3 Available on 1.
4-5 Available on 4th.
6-7 Available on 7th.
8-9 Available on 9th.

I haven’t received my Virginia Food Stamp payment

Every time you don’t get yours Virginia EBT payment For the month, based on the monthly EBT payment plan listed above, contact the Virginia Department of Social Services. You can contact them by calling the number on the back of your Virginia EBT Card. Or the same number you call to check your Virginia EBT card balance.

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