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Types of credit cards without annuity

Do you know that in Mexico there are credit cards without an annuity? Although you do not have too many alternatives, knowing them will allow you to take advantage of a benefit that is very common in developed countries.

Well, banks compete with each other and this is one of the reasons why today you can get your credit card without paying an annuity, do you want to know them? Well then read on …

Types of credit cards without annuity

The types of credit cards without annuity There are three that at least you can find available in Mexico and they are:

Cards without an annuity conditional on their use

  1. This is a type of credit card offered by some banks that, under the condition that you meet certain requirements, return the annuity to you.
  2. For example, one of the requirements for you to receive the return of the annuity has to do with the fact that you contract products from the bank, make purchases with the credit card for a value determined by the bank and that you use the credit card at least once per month.

Credit card without lifetime annuity

  1. As the name implies, credit cards without a lifetime annuity do not charge you that commission as a cardholder or on additional cards.
  2. In addition to the benefit of not paying annuity, you can receive benefits and rewards.

Basic card

  1. Basic cards are the ones that all Mexican banks issue by obligation, since the law requires them to issue a card without commissions.
  2. Although they are cards without an annuity, in addition to having a limit of 11,500 Mexican pesos, you do not benefit from the rewards that banks offer with another type of credit card.

You already know what are the types of credit cards without annuity but which are the best ones that you can access?

  1. Banregio card
  2. In addition to not requiring a minimum expense, it is a card without a lifetime annuity and it even allows you to make payments online and requires that you have a minimum income of 10,000 Mexican pesos.
  3. As a Banregio credit card holder or if you have an additional card, you get 1.25% back for each purchase you make.
  4. At ATMs you have cash when you need it.
  5. You can make transfers of the balances of other cards of the same tenor at a preferential interest rate and it can also differ from 6 to 12 months.
  6. You receive free alerts to your email address.

Banregio Credit Card More

  1. Like the previous one, the Banregio Más credit card is a card without an annuity for life.
  2. It does not require you to make a minimum expense.
  3. You can make payments through online banking.
  4. You can refer a family member or friend and for every purchase they make or that you make as the owner, you enter the Cash Back program with a 1% return.
  5. Like the previous credit card, you also have cash at ATMs.
  6. Balance transfers can be done at a fixed annual rate of 15%

Volaris credit card

1.If you use the Volaris credit card once a month, they do not charge you an annuity.

  1. Thanks to the Volaris Wallet program, you get a 1% refund on plane ticket purchases and you also receive 600 Mexican pesos as a welcome bonus.
  2. At Volaris you can buy for 3, 6 and 11 months without interest.
  3. With Volaris you can carry up to 10 extra kilos with you in your hand luggage.
  4. It requires you to prove a minimum income of 12,000 Mexican pesos.

2Now credit card

It is an HSBC bank card that does not charge you an annuity if you charge $ 2500 every month.

  1. For every purchase you make, they reimburse you 2% in cash.
  2. At ATMs you can have the balance you have in your bank account.
  3. If you download the Uber application and make 9 trips, you benefit from a $ 100 discount.
  4. By having compatibility with Samsung Pay, you do not have to present your card to pay.
  5. You can define your spending limit, revive or deactivate the card by downloading the HSBC Control Total application at no cost.

Basic American Express credit card

  1. It is a credit card with no annuity for life.
  2. Although it is necessary that you have accessed a departmental card and it is also 6 months old, if you meet these requirements you can start building your credit history.
  3. You benefit with purchases in monthly installments without interest in the adhered businesses.
  4. You can receive alerts to establish the credit limit, know the balance of the card, and the date of payment of the same through your email address or with an alert on your mobile phone.
  5. You also have the peace of mind that the American Express customer service is available every day of the year, 24 hours a day.
  6. It requires you to prove a minimum income of 10,000 Mexican pesos.

Santander credit cards without annuity

Santander bank has many credit cards without annuity, but to access this benefit, it forces you to make a purchase per month for a minimum value stipulated by the bank, since otherwise you will have to pay an annuity.

Banamex credit cards without annuity

Banamex Package is the bank’s program that benefits you with some credit cards without an annuity. But to access the refund it requires you to meet certain requirements such as:

  1. Have a Banamex checking, payroll or debit account.
  2. You must sign up for Banamex electronic banking, called BancaNet.
  3. You can sign up for the Banamex Package by entering the bank’s official website or by phone by calling 01 800 226 26 39.
  4. You will get the annuity refund not only if you make purchases with the card every month, but also if you accumulate an expense of $ 1000.