Types of auto insurance from Qualitas insurance

You want to know about qualitas insurance before I tell you by this insurance company? First of all you must know the history and then all its products

What is qualitas insurance

Well qualitas insurance, was founded in Mexico City in 1993 by Joaquín Brockman Lozano.

With more than 20 years in the market, it has become the leading insurance company in the sector, offering products for all types of automobiles, including heavy public vehicles, private motorcycles and, of course, automobiles.

Qualitas car insurance

With more than 20 years in the automotive market, it has enough experience to offer packages of excellence with coverage that extends to all types of automobiles, since in addition to cars for private use, it also offers coverage for pick ups, for example:

Qualitas insurance coverage packages

The types of insurance are distinguished according to the different types of packages such as broad package, plus package, limited package and basic package.

Type of insurance Comprehensive package of qualitas insurance

1.The Comprehensive Package provides coverage for material damage that covers material loss or damage to the vehicle if you roll over or crash, the breakage of the glass, the wings, the sides and also if your vehicle suffers an explosion or is affected by a lightning, 2. A hurricane, a cyclone, a volcanic eruption, hail, an avalanche, landslide of stones or earth, by the collapse of a construction, a building or any other object including the fall of branches or trees and also by a flood .

  1. Your vehicle will be covered in the event that it is affected by people who demonstrate during strikes, work stoppages, rallies or workers or popular mobilizations that generate disturbances at the hands of people with malicious intent or by the repression of the authorities.
  2. You also get coverage for total theft, damage or material loss suffered by your vehicle as a result of a total theft even if you have not contracted coverage for material damage.
  3. You obtain coverage for civil liability of the insured or of another person who, with the express consent of the insured, uses the vehicle and causes damage to third parties, be it bodily injury or the property of third parties, including death.
  4. This is a type of coverage that is extended under the protection of a civil lawsuit against the insured as a cause of his civil liability with a liability limit according to what is indicated in the policy, which covers costs and expenses of the conviction.
  5. You obtain coverage of legal expenses as a legal defense protection for both the insured or whoever drives the vehicle always with the authorization of the insured, including attorneys’ fees, fines that come from the court sentence, bond premiums, etc.
  6. It also covers medical expenses for drugs, hospitalization, ambulance, nursing expenses, funeral expenses for both the insured and whoever drives the vehicle.
  7. Extension of coverage which means that it includes travel assistance to both the vehicle and the driver due to breakdown or road accident.
  8. Death of the covered driver in the event of an accident or injury to the driver.

Cancellation of the deductible in case of rollover, collision causing material damage

Plus package qualitas insurance

The package plus includes the coverage of material damage, partial theft, legal expenses, medical expenses of the occupants, road assistance, the death of the driver, the, civil liability in the United States.

Limited pack of qualitas insurance

The limited package includes coverage for total theft, civil liability in case of damage to third parties, complementary persons, legal expenses, medical expenses of the occupants, road assistance, death of the driver due to an accident with the vehicle, civil liability in the United States .

Basic package of qualitas insurance

The basic package offers civil liability coverage in the United States, being optional supplementary personal liability, cross liability, liability for damage to occupants, towing, coverage extension, and death of the driver in case of an accident with the vehicle.

Qualytas insurance company

Qualitas insurance company offers personalized attention in case you need to report a claim, because you can call 01 800 800 2880 or to 01 800 288 6700.

You can also Lamar at 5258 2880 or to 5481 8580 from Mexico City and the metropolitan area.

In the event that you need to report road assistance, you can contact 01 800 253 0553 from within Mexico.

You can also contact him 3300 4534 from Mexico City and the metropolitan area.

Keep in mind that in any of these cases you need to have with you:

The name of the insured.

The policy number and the subsection.

The name of the driver who was involved in the accident.

You will provide a contact phone number for the driver.

You will provide the details of the incident vehicle including its make, type, color, license plate number, series and model so that it can be located.

You will also provide the place of the accident with the street, the neighborhood and all the references you can provide about the area.

Keep in mind that at no time will you abandon the car after having an accident because if you abandon it and suffer losses such as partial theft, the insurance will not cover those losses.

If you request a tow truck, you will deliver your vehicle after signing the inventory because there is no responsibility of the company if objects that you did not settle in the inventory were missing.

All the attention of the vehicle must be left in the hands of the adjusters, since the insurance company is not obliged to recognize transactions, debts or other acts of this type that you arrange without the company having recognized them.

For this reason, until the adjuster arrives, you must remain in the same place where the accident occurred because the bra needs to become aware of the incident in the same place.

You will present to the adjuster:

The driver’s license or at least the provisional permit.

The insurance policy and the last payment receipt.

Qualitas insurance quote

  1. Have with you updated photos of the vehicle from both the front and the rear and the right and left side, the serial number in GIUF, PNBG or JPJ with a size of 1Mb.
  2. Login to https://www.qualitas.com.mx/agentes/Menu.do?publico=true
  3. Choose from Residents. Mandatory insurance or Tourists.
  4. You will choose residents if you have a car or truck with Mexican registration and for private use in the Mexican Republic.
  5. You will choose mandatory insurance if you have a car or truck with a Mexican registration and you use it in a private way to circulate in states that require you to have insurance that covers Jalisco, Morelos, Sinaloa and Baja California.

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