Three Tips to Grow Your Email Subscriber List Quickly

I think this is one of the most frequent questions that every blogger or marketer asks daily, however the question that they should really ask is the following.

“Once people subscribe to your email list, what do you offer them, or what are the things that make you look like someone really serious and not like an idiot who just wants to make a quick buck? What do you do to really help your readers reach their goals? “

If you want to know the answer to this question, I will tell you, however first I want to mention this to you.

Most of the marketers working within this industry want to create and grow their email lists for the sole purpose of making money from them. However, I personally think it is a totally wrong and flawed approach, as the main goal of creating and growing an email list is to provide value to readers.


The best marketers do not create email lists with the objective of making money with them, they do it because they really seek to satisfy the needs of people, answer the questions they may have, and offer them products and services that will really be useful to them. to them.

Are You Really Ready For Change?

Do you want to stop building your email list just for the sake of making money? If so, these tips I’m going to share with you will help you grow your subscriber list quickly.

1.- Offer a Quality Incentive (When I refer to quality, I mean that it is useful)

You can create anything and offer it as an incentive for your readers to subscribe to your email list, however you must make sure it is useful to your readers.

Keep this in mind, first impressions are very important.

If someone subscribes to your email list for the first time, to whom you promised something amazing, and you just hand them a worthless piece of junk, they will get a very bad impression of you (They will see you as a scammer, and it won’t read your emails).

The best thing to do is create a good product and ask your readers to subscribe to your email list (opt-in). You can do this by putting a “Pop-up Light Box” which is a kind of pop-up that appears every time someone visits your site for the first time (I recommend using the plugin Thrive Leads to do this), with this you will get new subscribers very easily, to which you can later send emails to bring traffic to other pages and articles of your blog (And obviously to later recommend products and services as an affiliate).

2.- Add A Link To Your Capture Page In The Forums Signature

Join and actively participate in forums that discuss topics directly related to your niche, and leave a link to your capture page in the forum signature.

3.- Create A Quality Product To Encourage Your Readers To Subscribe

Do not use poor quality products to incentivize your readers to subscribe to your email list, the only thing you will do is give yourself a bad reputation.

Remember this…

Email Marketing is simply based on building a good relationship with your subscribers, making them feel that you care about them, and that you will be there when they have a problem.

Do your best to provide free, quality content to your subscribers, and make sure you don’t focus so much on how to monetize that content.

If the open rate of your emails is above 15% you are doing a good job, if your open rate is less than that, chances are that you are not providing something useful to your readers, and you are only focusing in which to sell and make money. (In my personal case, the opening rate of all my lists is above 33%)

Your choice

Now tell me, do you want to keep making money fast with your list or do you want to offer value and earn much more money with your email list? If your subscribers know that you are someone they can trust, they will always be much more willing to follow your advice and recommendations, and this in the long term means making much more money.

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