The Importance of Keywords

the Keywords

As you already know, most people who want to search for something on the Internet go to search engines when they have to look for any type of product or information these days. That is why the investigation of Keywords It is so important, because it allows you to understand what your visitors and customers are searching for, how they are searching, and how often they are searching.importance-of-keywords

Here is a practical example to help you understand the concept of Keywords .

Suppose you wrote a post on his blog titled “20 Funny Pictures of Babies.” What if you change the title to “20 Funny Baby Pictures,” however?

From the user’s perspective, both titles are very similar to distinguish and there shouldn’t really be much of a difference. However, if you select the second title mentioned, you are much more likely to receive traffic from search engines, because the term “funny pictures” is almost 40 times more searched on the Internet than the term “funny pictures”.

How do we know that, however? It’s simple, we use an online Keyword Research Tool. There are some payment tools available in the market, but I do not recommend that you spend money on them. This research tool from Keywords it’s very useful, reliable, and it’s free, and

It is provided by Google. Is named Google AdWords Keyword Tools and you can access it from here

When you enter a keyword there, the tool will tell you how many

Searches have been made by people for that keyword each month (along with some other data, such as the amount of competition for that keyword).

It is very exciting when a word is found with hundreds or thousands of searches every month, but that is exactly what leads Online Marketers to make the mistake we mentioned above. The mistake is to assume that you should always address the Keywords with the highest number of searches.

Why is it a bad idea? Because the number of searches for Keywords

It only tells half the story. The other half is how many Webmasters are competing to get traffic for that keyword. In other words, you need to evaluate both the potential traffic and the competition for each keyword.

If you only focus on the keyword with the most traffic, you will probably have to work a lot to get traffic, because your posts or websites will not be good for this keyword.

If you choose the Keywords of the same topic with lower traffic and less competition, you will not bring as much traffic to your site but you will be able to get better visitors. In the example we used above, therefore, you should also Analyze the competition for “funny pictures” and “funny pictures” before choosing which of them you should target.

If you think your site is strong enough to rank by “funny photos”, what you write on your blog or website should be related to these Keywords. If you’re not sure, it might be wiser to go with the least searched words “funny pictures.”

Now this is just one of the things you need to keep in mind while doing your keyword research.

I leave you a video that explains the importance of keywords

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