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The Great Challenge of Services: Values

It refers to creating new people committed to values ​​of excellence. For example:

E.Wong Values

  • The client is our reason for being
  • Our people are the most important
  • Constant innovation
  • Superior Performance

Other Values

  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Puntuality
  • Cleaning
  • Desires for improvement
  • Loyalty
  • Cooperation

Business valuesService is a Process

This implies making sequences, which are previously developed internally, (INTERNAL CUSTOMERS) and then transfer it outside the company (EXTERNAL CUSTOMER); and to do this, a series of internal characteristics must be met.

Service features

1.Intangibility: The services are essentially intangible, making it impossible for customers to obtain a sample before purchasing.

2.Heterogeneity: Standardization of services is impossible because each unit of services is in some way different from the other.

3.Inseparability: Services are a whole process, therefore no part of it is independent.

4. Expiration: The services are not capable of being stored. These are consumed while they are produced.

If they are not consumed when they are available, the capacity of the service is lost.

Something important: The satisfaction of the external customer will depend on many factors among them. THE QUALITY OF SERVICE TO THE INTERNAL CUSTOMER!


Internal customers: refers to your workers who carry out the entire internal process.

External clients: refers to your consumers or end customers.

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