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The 10 most important things to follow to get web traffic

The number of people who know of your existence can determine the amount of money that you will produce. There are a few things you can do to make your business visible online. These things can be done for free and will help ensure that those who are searching for a content, product or service can see it online.

to get web traffic

1 – Getting a page on Facebook to introduce yourself to potential customers. This is a free service and it can do a lot for your business. There are many people who use Facebook and this can easily become a useful tool for your site visitors.

2 – Start a blog for your business. It is through this blog that you must provide valuable information about your niche. Make sure your blog is linked to your website. The content of the blog must be updated regularly with all the necessary information that its visitors may need.

3 – Create a twitter account and use it effectively to send tweets about your business, but not aggressively, as this could put you off twitter. Everything should be used in moderation and with a long-term plan. The goal is to get specific web traffic. Those interested in following your tweet will create trust and make your brand noticeable.

4 – Create video content and use YouTube, but make sure your videos are tagged. Video content should be short in length (a video of 10 minutes or more). If your video content is long, create many small videos instead. The video should be interesting, fun, engaging and most importantly answer an important question for viewers or create a discussion. Make sure you own the full rights to the videos.

5 – Write and send a press release. Again, if your company is launching a new product it is important that you present it to the press of the news sites. This will help increase web traffic to your blog, in addition to increasing your online presence through links that are put in these press releases.

6 – Add your site to bookmarking sitessuch as StumbleUpon, Digg, and Delicious. Always remember that you need to use these sites wisely and be an active member to gain credibility and trust from other members. Bookmarking other sites of interest that add value to users and not limit yourself to just your own content, this could be considered spam.

7 – Make your content available through RSS feeds and newsletters. Once visitors come to your site, they should be able to subscribe to your content through the RSS feed and also through the newsletter subscription.

This will help you in building good and solid database of users that could be used later for commercial purposes. RSS should help your visitors get your content without the need to remember your website or blog address.

8 – Write good articles and using the right keywords and referring them to highly popular article directories.

This method will increase your online presence and increase your credibility as well as ranking.

Select only the directories where the traffic is higher. Don’t waste your time submitting your content to hundreds of directories with limited internet traffic.

9 – Select highly credible blogs in your category and those that allow you to follow up and add good comments and answer the questions of other users. Be active and intelligent with your comments with good use of the language and without errors. Only the link to the blog address should be added, not over the top so that you will not be labeled as a spammer over time.

10 – Create forum profiles and add comments to quality forums in your niche. Think of the other forum members before you think of search engines.

Remember that what you do online should always be ethical and within search engine guidelines, and always think about your reputation and the prestige of your website or blog, not just web traffic.

It’s easy to get tons of traffic, but getting the right traffic that matches our specific website always takes time and persistence.