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Thank you for your service…Happy Veterans Day

At our service men and women in uniform be it past, present or future … bless you and thank you for your service and dedication. My mother (325th Combat Support Hospital) and my grandfather (US Army WWII) are veterans of the US Armed Forces, I am proud to be an accredited attorney for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. One way that we, as senior law attorneys, give back is by helping Veterans and their spouses obtain the financial assistance to which they are entitled.


In 2019, the Veterans Assistance and Aid Pension Benefit can provide up to the following maximum amounts:

Sick Single Veteran – $ 22,577 per year Healthy Veteran with Sick Spouse – $ 17,724 per year Sick Married Veteran – $ 26,766 per year Married Veterans, both Veterans Sick – $ 35,813 per year Surviving Spouse – $ 14,507 per year

Fountain: Veterans Pension Rate Table


If you are a Veteran or spouse of a Veteran and need help at home, or are living or considering moving to an ALF or elsewhere, please contact us to see if you may qualify for Assistance and Assistance Pension Benefits for Veterans.


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