Start a Unique Dinner Delivery Service

Developing a unique dinner delivery service will be interesting as well as providing an income without significant cash outlay.

There are many occasions when people require a meal delivered, they may be ill, too busy to prepare a certain meal or need assistance because they have guests.

Working couples and wealthy people often have a social schedule that requires them to be very busy and they may want to have someone else prepare a meal for them periodically.

The market may be quite varied, a person would have to explore this niche thoroughly before making decisions. Some people will want what would be a home cooked meal and others would want something from a restaurant menu.

There will probably be several restaurants in your area that will want to be a part of your service as that will increase their market. The local restaurants should be within a certain radius of your office as delivery time will be expensive and too much delivery time will allow the food to cool and cost you a customer.

Once you have made a selection of restaurants, and they have agreed to use your service, it is suggested that you prepare a menu of your products and have that printed as a flyer for leaving at the restaurants and also to deliver to your prospective market.

You may need some licenses for this business, you can check with your municipality as to which licenses may be required.Start a Unique Dinner Delivery Service

Daily Routine for your Business

There are a few aspects of your business that are going to need good attention daily

  • Check vehicle for fuel and fluids and general inspection
  • Review scheduled deliveries and appointments to avoid conflicts and delays
  • Review product menu to ensure that details are correct
  • Marketing using flyers and business cards to both restaurants and the public
  • Ensure that pager and answering service and cell phone are each operable
  • Ensure that insurance and licensing is current

Building your Unique Dinner Delivery Business

Equipment and Other Items Needed

These are essential to your business and well worth the time and energy required to complete them.

  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Bookkeeping System
  • Appropriate Licensing
  • Tax Department Licensing.
  • Flyers and Business Cards

Specific to this business:

  • Daily marketing is essential to build your business
  • A delivery vehicle that is well maintained
  • Answering service and pager
  • Cell phone
  • Good quality food bags to ensure food is warm when it reaches your customer

Sources of Business

Some Suggested Markets for your business:

  • Restaurants
  • Fine Dining Establishments
  • Offices
  • Residential neighborhoods
  • Stores

Who is Your Customer

What your customer, specific to this business needs:

A Unique Dinner Delivery Service is going to cater to people who are ill or busy or who want a treat from preparing meals. They may be busy watching a sporting event or they may have guests at their home, or to busy at the office to go out for their meal. or they may not be well enough to prepare their meal. They are going to want to receive fresh food that is tastefully prepared and they are going to want that food quickly after they order.

Sources of Financing

It may well be that your small business is going to need more financial resources than you have at this time and that you are going to require outside financing. You also may want to lease equipment or to factor your accounts receivable. You may want to learn about small business loans or you may wish to find suitable business credit cards.

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