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SocialSpark, earn money creating articles for companies that will be published in our blogs

The business of web copywriting is one of the favorites for those who have that blogger soul necessary not to decline in the face of adversity but on the contrary, to be able to offer the whole world and especially entrepreneurs tremendous talent, that for which it pays well.

We have already written about this before, is a portal that obviously presents alternatives so that they can make money with a blog, since this can be achieved but unfortunately a secret formula has not yet been created to visualize profits quickly and in large quantities, and if you have already invented about this item, please let us know.

Today’s proposal is SocialSpark, a platform where companies or individuals can request the support of experienced editors like you to analyze and create posts about their products, services or websites, so that they can present them to a specific target audience, which in their case will be traffic from visits properly segmented from their blogs.

earn money creating articles for companies
Well, that is the great advantage of a blog: segmentation through the specialization of content belonging to a well-defined theme. Perhaps you have heard this before but it is always good to remember it as companies have realized the potential that this means to more efficiently reach their new prospects.

If they are interested in this platform then they must register, they must link their blogs so that they are evaluated and later accepted. Once inside, they will be able to access the many opportunities that advertisers offer them, which by the way, are recognized brands worldwide.

Another thing that caught our attention is the ethics with which it works, giving each blogger what they deserve according to their quality or effort. The good news is that they can negotiate with advertisers so that they can get perhaps a higher pay, exclusivity in writing opportunities, in short.

After they have prepared their posts, they will be reviewed and later published in their respective blogs. And with respect to their payments, because here is another novelty, said billing system is done through accumulated score. But there is nothing to worry about since as we all know, we will always try to redeem the points, that’s right, SocialSpark will allow you to exchange your earnings for cash, gift cards or consumer items. If they decide to have cash in their hands, then they must wait until they manage to collect 5,000 points, equivalent to $ 50, disbursed every 30 days via PayPal.

If they need their payments before they can reach the previous amount, they will have to pay 2 dollars and that’s it. This option is not very common to see in this class of platforms but there is always a first time.

On the other hand, not all blogs will be able to qualify, this for various reasons, among which are the creation time of said spaces (90 days minimum), as well as the number of publications (20 posts maximum), the clean design that allows the easy navigation, and there must be fluency in writing in both English and Spanish happily. As they will see an idea that they will be able to take advantage of in the language that they dominate the most.

Link: SocialSpark