SmartThings, Innovative smart home remote control device

SmartThings makes our lives smarter by remotely controlling our surroundings

Now we have found a business idea That will surely revolutionize the way we live since from now on it will be easier for people to carry out certain tasks which can be automated, saving us the typical effort to fulfill them.

Perhaps you have already heard about the famous smart homes and how incredible it would be to have such technology specially designed to provide comfort to everyone, although there have been comments against it because instead of motivating the human being to carry out more activities and keep dynamic, instead you will be encouraged to laziness.

This time it’s about SmartThings, a device that has been created to monitor, control and automate the operation of things that surround us more than everything in our home or office, through a set of applications called SmartApps. These apps have been designed to be installed on our smartphones and from now on we can connect with what surrounds us from anywhere or even while on the move.

Can you imagine being able to close the doors of your garage after having received a reminder that you had left them open, the same happens with the lights in your home or office, with the stereo, you will also be able to know where your pet is if it is It has escaped you, if for example you need a plumber, simply SmartThings will let you know and will put you in contact with the right person to solve the problem, you will be able to handle the much-needed air conditioning or heating, in short, are so many things true? ?

This is a true invention that draws attention, which is why well-known television stations such as CNN and Discovery, as well as such popular portals as Mashable or Engadget, have covered it as a true novelty, very useful to society. For its creators, it is an endeavor that has allowed them to raise funds with a figure of more than one million dollars via Kickstarter.

It should be remembered that this prototype is manufactured based on several high-tech sensors that facilitate the fulfillment of all these impressive functions. Without a doubt, it is gratifying to see people who have this type of vision to create such original new products, and perhaps you will be the next, perhaps you will be encouraged to buy it to resell it as a franchise.


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