Service to create and sell magazines with personalized templates tailored to any type of entrepreneur

The heading of writing It is one of the most put into practice by those who have decided to make a living from the web, in addition the possibilities of making what we write profitable are hundreds in the market and every day they innovate more, such as the advertising program called Taggify that allows you to place ads both in the text itself and in images and videos, not bad, really.

However, you must be looking for other ways to earn income from creating your content. We mention this since not all of us are lovers of writing articles for blogs, perhaps they have a greater preference for creating books or perhaps offering quality information in magazine format attracts them a lot of attention.

If they are that type of entrepreneur, then Easy edit is what they were looking for. It is a platform that allows us to create professional quality magazines with which we can earn money by selling them in the kiosk of said platform.

sell magazines online
From now on we inform you that you will have no complications to sell your magazines since the design you choose will attract many buyers in your respective fields. Let’s say that this is the enormous advantage they will have to publicize their publications since there are personalized templates for sectors such as businesses and companies, tourism sector, wine sector, restaurant sector, educational centers, cultural and sports centers, NGOs and Associations, life and leisure, among others.

Surely from time to time they have had the need to launch publications on a particular topic, suddenly they have thought to publish that book that has many times been suspended, or perhaps the time has come for them to offer an e-Book to their clients with information that interests them so that they acquire it and with it they can earn a living.

Regarding the creation of their magazines, it is a very simple process, it is evident that the content will already have to be ready on the subject that they best dominate, then they will have to choose the template that best suits that subject by adding the images or videos that they consider appropriate, and later they should upload them to the Editafácil kiosk to generate sales. They will also be able to publish their creations in other media so that they are downloaded and viewed by many more people, once they have finished their magazines, they will get a download link that they can add to their blogs or to the different social networks where they have created accounts, in the same way, they will be able to publish them on various mobile devices such as the iPad and on their web pages, since they will provide them with codes so that they can be inserted where they can attract the interest of their visitors.

Logically, if they want their products to have a greater impact, they must create successful promotional campaigns, on the other hand, the positioning in search engines is at the expense of this service.

They will also have an area to manage their statistics, there they will be able to know who has bought them and of course they will have the possibility of claiming their payments when they have collected the amount of 150 euros, the price is set by you.

Have you ever wondered what the format of magazines is like? They are books like the ones you may have at home and with the mouse pointer you can turn the pages as in real life you would with your fingers, it is a strategy that motivates reading without a doubt.

And if your users are not in favor of downloads then they could choose to print the content of their publications, they could even stick with the classic PDF format, good luck and come back soon.

Link: Easy edit