Right mindset and success in online business are not mutually exclusive

Many times I have written about mentality and its relationship with results, not only in relation to online results, and that the correct mentality is the first link that unites us towards the actions that can lead us to the results that we all seek in our lives.

In Internet business, mentality plays an essential role, in this article I want to share with you a series of reflections on a video that is included in the course of Gus Sevilla “Magnetic traffic”These ideas are not only coming from Him, but they are principles that concern us all, let’s go by part:

Right mindset for successful business

The first thing is to define that there will be doubts, fears and questions, this is always in this way and we do not have to feel less or use them as an excuse for not moving forward or staying in our comfort zone.

The important thing here is to have a broad and open mind, only then can we see the possibilities that are in front of us.

A question that many ask themselves when starting out. Can a person who is just starting out make money online?

The answer is a resounding YES, but first you need to learn certain skills, this is true in any area of ​​our life, not just online.

It is surprising what a person with the correct mentality can do, but what is a correct mentality, since many of us believe that we have it, but it really is so? Let’s see what it is:

THIS IS A BUSINESS- Recognize that this is a business and it will take time, there are no instant solutions, there are no QUICK EARNINGS as is often seen even in certain advertisements, there are no secret formulas.

The Internet is a tool in which we create businesses and as such these take time to be consolidated and the time it takes is determined by each one, it is not the same for all entrepreneurs, that is why you can meet entrepreneurs who They have generated income in a few months and others it has taken several years.

Although today we have abundant information on how to generate income online, this has become a double-edged sword for several reasons, for example because you do not know where to start, you feel overwhelmed by so much information or you do not know where in the puzzle fits each piece.

FOCUS- The distractions and information overload that exist online is a distractor that many times we find it impossible to avoid if we are not really focused on what we want to do or what we want to achieve.

Our attention is required by our phones, social networks, video platforms, television, etc., etc. It really is increasingly difficult to achieve that approach that we need to get to the results. Many times we believe that we have done great things and the reality is that we have spent hours looking at what our friends have published, the latest videos or reading the emails that we have received in our tray, since many times we are subscribed to many different lists and each one shows us a different business or strategy.

Conclusion, we need to do everything possible not to get distracted and the only way to avoid this is by drawing our action plans, knowing in advance what we have to do in the second after turning on our computer, otherwise we start to navigate and time runs and sadly this is not conducive to our dreams.

“Do not get distracted and wait for someone to come to save your life, remember that there is no guru to take you where you want to go, the only thing they can give you is education, but this is only 25% of what you need, the other 75% is your effort, your determination, your motivation to finish what you started; and that only you can do ”. – Gus Sevilla.

Other aspects involve being positive, having persistence, you have to have a sense of reality and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Just as education, understanding and implementation are important, otherwise the theoretical will get you nowhere.

According to statistics, 95% to 98% of people who start businesses on the Internet fail, because you think that is it, because you think that this number is so high; the truth is that most people do not understand what they are doing, and the reason for this is because they are not educating themselves, they are not understanding or they are not implementing, (although I do not own these words, I agree perfectly with them ).

This is not a get-rich-overnight business, this is a real business, but only when you educate yourself and improve your skills and try to understand a little more what you are learning, you implement it and it is then in that instant that you are going to start making money online.

You must have that tenacious mentality of not giving up, not letting anything get in your way, avoid being distracted and not being affected by what people say, forget what they will say about people, better keep in mind what they will say when you are riding in your Mercedes, or you are traveling the world or you are sunbathing from the pool of your mansion.

– THINK YOU HAVE ACHIEVED IT- Convince yourself that you have already achieved it, believe in yourself, you have to re-program your way of thinking, you always have to be thinking about how to add value to your followers, look for new ways to reach out, it is our responsibility also to they achieve success, that they understand how it is done, which is the way where more benefits will be achieved.

Remember, NOTHING IS DIFFICULT, there are obstacles, yes, but nothing is difficult when you really propose, be realistic, the results come after hard work, not before, generally not in the first campaign, surely you will have to do tests, changes , you will have to fail several times to know what works and what does not, only in this way can a business be built based on experience and success.

– BE PATIENT- Nothing is achieved overnight, be patient, if it persists long enough the results will come, do not be afraid, when you are afraid you are accommodating yourself to fail, if something does not work for you learn from it, do not use it as an excuse not to Do it again; try harder, many people do not like this, but only effort brings satisfactory results, those extra actions that you do many times can mean the difference between success and failure.

– AUTOMATE- Automate your business, you do not need to be everywhere, you will not be able to do it, thousands of things will escape you, delegate to other people the actions that are not essential but that you need for your business to work.

– DO NOT BE NEGATIVE- Avoid thinking negatively at all costs, if you think about it, some teaching has to leave you, always try to see things from learning, teaching, not from negativity.

Habits of Rich People



I hope this information is useful to you, I really consider it valuable to spread these words, since it involves all entrepreneurs in one way or another, following others, training us with people who are on this path before us. we can truly advance and grow.

Before you leave your comments, I invite you to share this information with other entrepreneurs or people who are thinking of starting online, it will surely be useful to them.

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