Requirements to obtain Mec Master scholarships

To access the mec master scholarships You should know that it imposes you to meet certain requirements that are indispensable.

For this reason, with your wishes to access you must know what they are and then not be disappointed. You will know all these requirements below as well as you can clear all your doubts, therefore it is convenient for you to continue reading …

What are the requirements for the mec master scholarships?

As you read before so that you can access the mec master scholarships must meet certain requirements such as:

  1. You must not meet the requirements or do not have a degree of the same content or of a higher level than those corresponding to the studies for the scholarship you are applying for.
  2. You must be of Spanish nationality, but if you are a foreign student, a community citizen, you must have permanent residence and an employee or self-employed worker.
  3. In the event that you are a non-EU foreigner, from December 31, 2017 you must have your legal residence in Spain.
  4. You must enroll in a minimum number of credits 60 credits for undergraduate study and official master’s degree.
  5. For partial enrollment you need a minimum of 30 credits.
  6. To obtain the scholarship, the economic level of the assets and income of the year 2017 is evaluated. To do this, data from the NIF is made with the tax agency and Cadastre.
  7. The maximum income threshold for families of a member is 14,112 euros.
  8. For families with two members, the maximum threshold is 24089 euros.
  9. For families of three, the maximum threshold is 32,697 euros.
  10. For families of 4 members, the maximum threshold is 38,831 euros.
  11. For families of 5 members, the maximum threshold is 43,402 euros.
  12. For families of 6 members, the maximum threshold is 46,853 euros.
  13. The maximum threshold for families of 7 members is 50,267 euros.
  14. For families of 8 members, the maximum threshold is 53,665 euros.
  15. You must have a university degree enrollment that will lead you to obtain a bachelor’s, diploma and / or master’s degree.
  16. As a first year high school student, you must show 5.5 as a grade in the fourth ESO.
  17. As a second year high school student, you must have passed all subjects or you can have only one subject failed.
  18. As a FP, higher or intermediate degree student, you must accredit 5 as a mark obtained in the previous year.
  19. As for the deadline to submit the application, keep in mind that it starts in August until the beginning of October.

If you are not a university or university student until mid-October.

How to access mec master scholarships?

You already know what the requirements are, because to access follow these tips:

  1. You must enter the official website of the Ministry of Education, culture and sport and you will go to Scholarships and grants.
  2. Then you will choose the scholarship you want to apply for. You will see the University Students and Non-University Students section, choose what corresponds and you will download the application that you will present online on the same page.
  3. If you are awarded the scholarship, you will begin to collect it in March, which will be effective in the account you entered in your application.
  4. If you are not awarded the scholarship, you can make an appeal justifying your disagreement, for which you have 20 days counting from the resolution.

Do I want to clear doubts mec scholarships?

Many people like you want to clear doubts scholarships mec, as they are very common such as:

  1. The variable part is according to the educational level, with a partial enrollment as a student you receive 60 euros for which you will study in a semester or an extra year of your studies.
  2. In each educational stage you can apply for different scholarships such as infant education, primary and secondary education, high school, professional training, to study at the university for undergraduate or master’s or doctorate studies, for artistic education, for sports education, to learn languages , for extracurricular activities, for training practices in organizations and companies and for student mobility.
  3. The calls for the scholarships are published in the official state bulletin without prior notice and to submit the application you have a period of 15 to 20 days presenting the documentation that is required.
  4. The scholarships cover tuition, teaching, teaching materials, textbooks, food or meals, transportation, accommodation and educational programs, but they are grants that can be partial or total depending on the circumstances of your family.

What are the mec master scholarships requirements?

Of the scholarships mec master requirements are as follows:

  1. You must have Spanish nationality.
  2. You must not present any type of criminal record.
  3. You must have availability to participate in the mec activities.
  4. You must demonstrate that you have degrees of instruction related to the course or title you want.
  5. A mec scholarship of variable amount requires 6.5 as an average grade in your studies.
  6. You must present your bachelor’s degree and your university degree.
  7. For a master scholarship, the credit units or the corresponding activities in the labor field are for sale.
  8. If you do not exceed the amount of the first threshold, you can choose the amount of transport or rent.

What are mec university scholarships?

  1. The scholarships mec university are those offered by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain.
  2. They are scholarships that are available to high school students and students of any level of study.
  3. If you are a non-university post-compulsory student or you are in the baccalaureate cycle, the term begins in August and ends on September 30.
  4. If you are continuing or starting your university studies, the deadline closes on October 15.
  5. Keep in mind that if you are not Spanish by nationality, you can also be a legal resident of Spain.
  6. For any type of student, remember that you should not have a higher degree or the same level of the studies you want to do.
  7. With the position of a bachelor’s degree, you will not be able to apply for a scholarship for a training cycle or university degree, but you will be able to request a scholarship for a master’s degree.

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