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Platform to earn money from the sale of domains on the Internet

I had already tried about this business model with the alternative called PickiDomains, a portal that encourages the creation of domains for websites that we can sell on its own platform.

Without a doubt it is a good option but now I present to you one that is considered to be the largest company precisely for buying and selling domains on the Internet, I am referring to Silk, and its system allows you to make a profit by selling original domains to a large audience spread over more than 20 languages.

Currently more than 40,000 sales are made per year and without a doubt it is a platform that is positioned as an excellent alternative to reward that creativity that you used to devise domain names that highlight the presence of individuals and companies on the of domains on the Internet

This platform allows you to earn money either by parking your domain while promoting it on your own, this strategy considerably increases the possibilities of purchase; You can sell them through its portal just by registering or paying fees that are used to appear in the Sedo home page or in the first lines of category searches. However, you can also sell your domains on your own, that is, outside of Sedo and without having to pay any commission, although for 3% you can have the custody service at your disposal so that no one else takes over your idea. Once you make the sale, obviously you will have to remove your domain from that platform.

How to make money with the sale of web domains

They recommend that the domain name be of quality, that it does not consist of more than two words and that it does not have typing errors, in addition to having a certain acceptance, which will be demonstrated by means of statistics. The owner should read the conditions of this company to avoid problems of any kind in the future, let’s say that these guidelines are the requirements for you to start selling without problems.

If you were successful and someone bought one of your domain names, you will have to pay a commission of 10% more, and your payments will be sent to you by bank transfer or through PayPal.

You could also opt for domain auctions which are also allowed. As you will see, it is more than a simple domain trading website, it is perhaps the most recognized in the world and now we are sending it to you so that you can improve your economy in some way. If you dare, you will have to wait about two days for your proposals to be verified.

Link: Silk

How to Choose the Best Company to Buy Domains

We all know the tedious and complicated task that is having to choose the company or company in which to register or buy domains to have your own name of Web domain. In this article I intend to help you choose the best domain registration companies that I use and I recommend them given the seriousness and good reputation they have for providing excellent services for their clients.

The best companies to buy domains

These are the top five companies for you to register your domain that I use for being the best, they are:

1 Namecheap: This is for me one of the best companies in this field. Founded in the year 2000, today it has more than 800,000 clients and more than 3,000,000 domains registered under his administration. It has very cheap prices. I also highlight them since it allows you to buy domains without using a credit card, just using your account paypal (and it is also not necessary that said account is verified so that you can buy domains).

The only drawback is that the support is in English but it is still a very good support, one of the best currently available. Also give away a free domain for one year if you contract hosting with them.

I have several domains registered in this company, let me tell you, feel free to place it at the top of this list as lI’ve been working with them for more than 7 years and they are the ones I like the most.

two Domain: Domain is an excellent domain registration company. Also Founded in 2000, is an excellent alternative to register your domain. It has support in “English”Very fast and effective. Despite not being very well known, it has very cheap and accessible prices. Like Namecheap, Domain too give away a domain name for 1 year if you contract hosting with them.

I have registered with them 17 domains And let me say that I never had a problem with your services. The good thing about this company are the prices of the domains that can cost up to $ 1 (very very cheap), really if your budget is low this is the company to go since the prices are unbeatable.

3 BanaHosting: This is actually a company that mainly manages services of web hosting but they also manage web domains but the main thing that stands out about this company is the following. This web hosting has a particularity that distinguishes it from the others, it is that they have a plan that you will surely love, it is their plan of web hosting that with your first hire allows you to pay for 1 month hosting service for only $ 1 (really fantastic what they are doing) and then in the following month if you would pay the normal price which is $ 3.60 per month. In addition, they also give away a domain name registration if you contract hosting with them for 1 year. Also noteworthy is the excellent customer service they have in languages Spanish and English. I have many of my most important websites hosted by this company and very soon I will be moving this website “” to their servers, since they are very fast and never have problems with their systems.

4 I add this since in recent years has taken a very big growth, thanks to the services offered and his relentless attention to the customer who is always so to resolve any questions they may have. the only bad thing I see is his prices that are a little higher than the rest, but even for the amount of services they offer for that price it is worth hiring this company since when you hire a hosting plan for a year in addition to earning a free domain registration also for 1 year, you win Premium themes Both for WordPress or Joomla platforms (which are the 2 main ones today), these Premium templates come free only if you hire a hosting plan for one year and also if they were to be purchased individually they would cost more than $ 70 each and even much more in some cases of specific topics. Before I forget the support they offer is 100% in Spanish 24 hours a day.

5 Hostgator: this is the leading web hosting company worldwide With almost ten million domains hosted on its servers. It is basically not a company that mainly sells domains like the first 2 options on this list but I place it here since they have one good fast and efficient customer service in English. Hostgator also gives away the registration of a domain for one year if you contract hosting with them. In addition Hostgator has a feature that distinguishes it from the rest of the other companies, it is: the point is that Hostgator allows each new client to make use of a discount coupon.

I hope you liked this article that I have created when seeing that the vast majority of people do not know how to choose the right companies to develop their web project and with this article I hope I have helped you even if it serves as a stimulus for you to get started. his work online. Later I will also be adding some tutorials on how to register on the platforms that I have mentioned here.

Below you can leave your comment in case this article helped you buy web domains or do you think there is a missing company that I forgot to place or simply want to leave your criticism for something. or if you prefer you can share this post with your friends on social networks (I will be eternally grateful for that).