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Neuromarketing, the power to impact your customers

We all know that the way in which the human being judges any object of any nature is through sight, the one that best suits our expectations will always seem more attractive, it is an irrefutable fact that we all know, in our daily life we ​​live with this fact we judge everything by the appearance, the people, the food, the places we go and why not also the products we buy.NeuroMarketing

How many times have we not gone shopping or looking for a product that we never have a reference to, and when this happens we start to see different styles of the same product by comparing the names of the brand, their characteristics but let’s be honest, packaging is one of the The things that attract us the most to the most colorful packaging, with better designs, color combinations and others is what our information captures first, it is something natural and a scientifically proven fact but how can we apply these same techniques of the specialists and masters in marketing in our business, our products or even more interesting in our presence on the Internet, let’s talk a little more about it.

Concept: Neuromarketing


According to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia can define the term of Neuromarketing What:

The neuromarketing It consists of the application of techniques belonging to neurosciences to the field of marketing, studying the effects that advertising and other communication actions have on the human brain with the intention of being able to predict consumer behavior. It is, therefore, a specialized type of Market Research that uses biometric measurements (brain activity, heart rate, galvanic skin response…) of the subjects studied to obtain conclusions.

A game and Mental concept


The greatest in Marketing of all types have one thing in common, they are experts in innovating, impacting, capturing our attention, but above all they are specialists in the human behavior of the clients they want to reach, a very difficult task for a Marketing specialist is being able to reach all types of audiences, from all social classes, races and cultures. We usually see different campaigns depending on the country, region or public and it is a titanic task to be able to reach all audiences with the same technique, this is where the mental game begins and a little thinking about what is the audience I am interested in reaching, or how I can reach the general public with my marketing strategy.

The cover does count


A good presentation although many say that the quality of the product is what counts is essential, since we can have an exceptional product of an unbeatable quality to which we have dedicated our effort and dedication but if it is a new product, let’s be honest, the image is what What sells we see on television, print media and on the Internet.

When we compete with other equal or similar products we have to keep this in mind since in my experience I have seen very good, innovative and quality products but that it is not invested at all in its presentation if it is true that if we buy a product that we liked The packaging and the product itself is bad, we will never buy it again, however, those first sales count and the first impression will have a lot to do with it, so we will have to combine a good presentation, quality and especially when we talk about new products, price A good and clever presentation does not have to be expensive.

The Digital Image

When I speak of digital image, I mean the presence in digital media, Internet is a field where small and medium-sized companies invest little, be it time, money or effort, let’s not talk about the image, there are excellent brands recognized for their quality, service and products but if we talk about their presence on the network they leave a lot to wish for little content, presentation or even work with half-made pages, I will not do bad publicity but many come to mind, so if you plan to start using the Internet as a means to attract more public and improve your image, do it responsibly investing your time in improving the quality and presence, testing your sites and that they fulfill their functions, in addition to never leaving unfinished things in view since far from helping you this will damage your image, just being on the Internet is not Reason to improve your image always remember this, I hope it has been useful to you, success in your projects, greetings.