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In which cases is it necessary to hire them

You think you need workplace accident attorneys, but do you know exactly in cases they are necessary? Well, maybe you had an accident and you don’t know if you should look for a lawyer or you don’t have a need.

But the worst of all is that you do not know that your case requires a lawyer and do not worry about looking for one, because it is important that you know what actions you should take after you have had an accident and other issues that are relevant in a situation. of this type. For this reason, below you will receive all the information that will be very useful to you.

When I need to hire workplace accident attorneys

  1. You need to hire work injury attorneys If at work you have an accident that caused an injury, then you must file a claim since insurance companies have a staff of lawyers who will evaluate your claim.
  2. For this reason, you should immediately seek legal advice if you were injured in a work accident and that injury was not your fault but by someone else.
  3. If it is a serious injury, you need an attorney who has the necessary skills and knowledge of the legal system.
  4. If you developed a serious illness after the accident, you need to hire a lawyer, as you can consult a lawyer for free if you suffered an injury that requires long-term treatment or when that accident caused a permanent disability.
  5. Then you will need to hire a personal injury attorney.
  6. Since determining the fault of the accident is important, there is nothing better than consulting an attorney who will be able to determine it exactly, since the team of lawyers from your insurance companies will meet with the team of lawyers from the law firm of the company where you were injured and it will be this company that will blame you for that accident.
  7. So when you hire a lawyer, they will watch over your rights and defend you from cross claims and counterclaims.
  8. If several parties were involved in that accident, a lawyer you hire will contribute his or her experience to deal with several insurance companies that act at the same time and will protect you.
  9. In this case when there are several parties involved in the accident and who are therefore at fault for your accident, your lawyer will be able to guarantee you the compensation you deserve.
  10. Well, keep in mind that you cannot defend yourself on your own because you surely do not know procedures and laws when it comes to a claim due to personal injury, for which the lawyers of your company and those of the other party will act to your disadvantage by denying you the claim. which is legitimate.
  11. They can even delay your claim to expire and you will be harmed because they stand firm to offer you less than you deserve for your claim.
  12. Therefore, if you were involved in an accident due to the negligence of the company or an individual within it, you should hire a personal injury attorney.
  13. In this way you will achieve compensation with a greater amount of money compared to if you had defended the claim on your own.
  14. Well, by hiring a lawyer, the objective will be to represent you as an injured worker and help you obtain benefits.
  15. Your attorney should make a compilation of all medical records and medical evidence.
  16. It should take a statement from you, the other parties and the doctors.
  17. From analyzing the statements, he will carry out the legal investigation to help you.
  18. It will be in charge of writing the allegations, l conclusions of the fact ,. of motions, summaries, opinions and legal documents that are necessary.
  19. You will present the disputes of your case in front of an arbitrator or a judge.

What is worker’s compensation for accidents?

  1. The worker’s compensation for accidents, conforms to federal statutes and the laws of each state.
  2. These statutes establish fixed awards for employees or dependents in the event of illness or accidents related to the work performed.
  3. They are awards that are prescribed by law and therefore as an injured worker allows you to receive compensation without the need to initiate legal action against your employer.
  4. If you are a federal worker, the Federal Employees Compensation Law covers you based on various laws. If you were a dock or shore worker, you are covered by the Littoral and Port Workers’ Compensation Act or if you work in the navy, the Jones Act for sailors covers you.
  5. But in general, all workers’ compensation laws are intended to hold the employer responsible for the injuries you suffered as long as that injury was suffered in the course of work regardless of whose negligence was, since it could have been yours or that your employer.
  6. It is important to you that for the claim to be valid, the injury you suffered arose during employment and that the employee / employer relationship exists.
  7. Well keep in mind that if you are an independent contractor you are not covered by the workers’ compensation law.

Actions after an accident (legal aspects)

If you had a work-related accident, you may be entitled to the workers’ compensation benefit and must make the claim as of the actions after an accident (legal aspects).

  1. Keep in mind that you must submit a report with a deadline that will depend on your state, since you must report so that you can have coverage, but as long as that accident involves your work, whether or not it has caused an injury.
  2. Well, it is likely that this accident does not lead to an injury, but with your report you will help the employer to take safety measures to avoid future accidents in the company.
  3. Even the report you will submit will protect you immediately in the event that symptoms of a probable injury appear days or weeks later.
  4. Keep in mind that except for Texas, the rest of the states require employers to have workers’ compensation insurance, as the law indicates that as an employee you cannot sue your employer due to work injuries.
  5. But as an employee you do not need to prove that the employer was negligent in that injury as you will be compensated even if the negligence that caused the injury was due to you.
  6. There is an exception and it is in the case that your work exposes you to asbestos, in which case you can initiate a lawsuit because you may suffer from health problems.

Firm «Los Defensores» accident lawyers

This law firm offer services to work injury issues, it is very likely that you have been exposed to a series of advertisements that emphasize the term “Free Legal Advice in Spanish.” Even after being injured in a car accident or work accident, you may have written ‘Free Legal Advice in Spanish’ and found many options for legal help.

Free legal advice in Spanish

However, we are sure that the service offered by The Defenders it is of quality. They have been working with the Hispanic community in the United States for over 35 years. Years of experience do not pass in vain. So when you have questions or concerns after being injured in an accident, we recommend that you call Los Defensores immediately for free legal advice in Spanish from one of our experienced attorneys. Don’t worry, money is not an issue. You don’t pay until you win your case.

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