Importance of colors in marketing

There are different ways of attracting the attention of prospects, readers and customers to buy a product, establish a relationship with our brand, be it personal or business and the most powerful way is the view since this is the way it is impacted for the first time to a person.

The phrase “the first impression is the most important” is very true and even more so on the internet where people to search for information such as an audio or video do it by sight, since they have to write what they want to look for and When you find a site with a good design and good colors, you are shocked just when you enter the site.

That is why when it comes to promoting our products, ecovers are important and even more important are the colors we use in them, in addition to the ones we choose for our site.

In addition to the factors that marketers (marketing experts) have studied to determine which colors to use or which colors identify certain types of products, companies or what customers like or influence the most, it should be noted that colors also influence emotions , vary according to the niche in which we are and according to the effect we want to cause on potential clients

Here are some factors to take into account when choosing the colors of our site, our logo products, which by the way is important to have regardless of whether we are a formal company or that we are entrepreneurs or independent professionals.


Colors and products

Will be the right color for appliances, communicating simplicity in its use.

The Red
Symbolizes danger
, but at the same time seek attraction and be suggestive, such as chocolate. Some relate it to passion and choose it in perfumes, and all those products related to life as a couple.

It expresses creativity, freshness, spirit, and is indicated for products or services aimed at a young market.

Ecological and reusable. In this case it does not matter that the color is in fashion. It is fashionable because the material is reused, because Today’s customer cares more about the environment and values ​​this attribute in a product. Also, green will be suitable for pharmaceuticals (think Aspirin) as it suggests endurance, hope, healing.

Choosing the right one will depend on the product being sold, the current trend and the cultural particularities of certain geographical areas. The important thing is to attract the attention of the target that is related to your company.

Colors and clients

Some research in colorimetry – a discipline that deals with measuring colors – suggests the existence of links between personality styles and preferred colors.

Although these relationships are not recorded in all cases, they can be a good approach to get to know your consumers and make better advertising and design decisions.

For example – this thesis indicates – clients who prefer the Red they are outgoing and dynamic. Due to its relationship with energy, this color is very suitable for advertising cars, motorcycles, energy drinks, games, sports and risky activities.

  • Who choose the yellowThey tend to enjoy intellectual activities. This color, which also radiates warmth and inspiration, is widely used to announce news or offers.
  • Those who opt for bluish hues They are usually calm and maintain good control of their emotions. This is also the favorite color of children and young people.
  • Those who choose the Orange they are generally jovial. This is the color of action, effusiveness and generosity. Citrus orange is associated with healthy eating and stimulating appetite.
  • The preference for purple manifests artistic and mystical-religious tastes. It is widely used in the feminine perfume industry.
  • Who prefer the black they tend to be conservative, lovers of elegance and discretion. Its use in museums, galleries or online photo collections is typical.

colors in marketing

These are just some important aspects to take into account, however, other factors must be analyzed, such as the psychological or emotional effect that colors cause on people and based on all these aspects, choose the most suitable color for our business.

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