We spend the day talking about “undertake” and of “entrepreneurs”, the road to success, motivation, how to do things and how not to do them, and all day I hit you, and many times we forget what to do when one is in free fall and He watches his project fade away, and he also enters the debt loop and seems like a bottomless pit. Today from recipes for entrepreneurs I want to throw a bucket of joy and strength to all those who are suffering failure and do not know “How you have to restructure your life in the face of business failure.”BUSINESS-FAILURE

I can guarantee you that I know very well what I am talking about, today it is one of those posts written with the soul among other things because I have suffered it in my own flesh, and I am obliged to explain to you that not everything is so black.

A few years ago I went from literally having everything, and when you say everything is completely everything to having absolutely nothing, well I lost everything except something that I will explain later.

Logically the bump you can’t even get an idea of ​​the magnitude, I only had three options:

  • Stare at the ceiling
  • Run out of nothing and look for a job
  • Run out of nothing and redo everything

I chose the last one, I could have chosen the second one but the truth is that I have never been prepared to have bosses in my life, and obviously the first option totally discarded.

I decided to restructure my life, without further ado, I made a balance of my “assets” and my “liabilities”, there was no color, the liabilities had no end, it seemed that there was always something else, that if problems with suppliers, with the Treasury, etc. ., until one day I realized the most important asset that I had and that I have and that nothing and no one could touch: “MYSELF”, I did not get lost.

So, if my greatest asset is whole, what the hell do I do that I don’t start over?

You must find an answer to this question, you must do it imminently, a day that passes is a day that you will never recover again.

Where to start restructuring your life in the face of business failure?

  • The first It is assuming, you have to have courage and assume your new situation, living from the past is of no use to you, or does it give you pleasure?
  • The second, constructively analyze the reasons that have led you to this situation, but analyze them with the aim of learning the reasons.
  • Third, never look for guilty, to blame is the same as throwing balls out.
  • BedroomAs little as you can, try to minimize the wear of your personal image as much as possible, show your face and do not hide, even if they make it red for a while.
  • Fifth, find new distractions, try by all to change all the above, if you failed surely part you owe it to your lifestyle, exercise your body and keep your mind in shape.
  • Sixth, do not let others pity you, the only thing you will achieve is to enter a constant “loop” and without answers.
  • Seventh, take what you have between your legs and start again, YES, start again, look for new business or repeat the same, but start right now to restructure your life.

I am not going to tell you to avoid making the same mistakes, we already know that if human beings have something that differentiates us well from other living beings, it is that no matter how large the stone is, if we have to stick it on again, we will not we will hit, if we are that stubborn

But let it not be said that you do not try and try times, in my case I managed to turn it around, with better moments and worse moments, since it does not matter, if the only thing that interests me is my present and future, and among my plans always is constantly reinventing myself, now one thing is very clear to me, if I hit it again I’m sure I’ll be reborn from my ashes

And you?