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How To Use Your SNAP Benefits To Search For Food Online

Did you know that you can use your SNAP benefits to search for groceries online in participating online stores? This article explains in detail how to use your EBT card to easily search for food online. Since you can currently take advantage of your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to search for fresh produce and groceries online.

During this time of the coronavirus pandemic, people across the country were forced not to go out in public and stay at home. Online ordering and delivery for staple foods such as groceries has increased.

Since the US Department of Agriculture started the online pilot program, which allows recipients of benefits of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to shop online with their benefits, participating stores such as Amazon, ShopRite, Walmart. SNAP participants can use their benefits to order and pay for eligible groceries, but no service or delivery costs.

SNAP benefits for online grocery shopping

Online shop for shopping with an EBT card

SNAP attendees can now shop for fresh produce and groceries online. This means that with your EBT card you can securely search for fresh products and groceries in these participating online shops, which are now accepting SNAP benefits for online orders and delivering to you. They include:

As you can see, Walmart, Amazon, and ShopRite all offer customers the ability to make online purchases using grocery stamps and have them shipped.

Note: You cannot use your SNAP benefits to pay for delivery charges. So make sure that an online shop delivers to your home address.

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If you visit the Amazon online shop as a recipient of food stamps, you have free access to the various services. That includes the AmazonFresh service, which delivers groceries and fresh produce to your doorstep. And also Prime Pantry, which offers everyday sizes of canned and shelf-stable foods.

How To Use Your SNAP Benefits To Search For Food Online

The process of ordering online with your Snap benefits is very simple. In fact, it’s just like paying with a debit or credit card. Once you’re done, your ordered groceries and fresh produce will be delivered to your doorstep. Do not consider online shopping a luxury, online groceries cost the same as in-store.

  1. To place an online order for your groceries, visit one of the participating online stores such as Amazon, ShopRite and Walmart.
  2. Take the Walmart Grocery website for example, when you visit the website, enter your zip code and select your local business.
  3. Then shop online for suitable foods by adding groceries to your shopping cart. (To determine which items on Amazon are eligible for purchase with SNAP, simply look for the “SNAP EBT Eligible” label next to the product name.)
  4. When you are done, select a pick-up time at checkout and select “EBT card” as the payment option.
  5. Now you need to add your SNAP EBT card to pay for the eligible groceries that you ordered online.
  6. After your grocery order has been successfully placed, you need to go to the pickup.
  7. When you get to the Walmart pickup location, the Walmart representative will know you are an EBT customer and will allow you to swipe your EBT card to pay for the EBT-eligible items.
  8. If you select items that are not EBT-compatible, the partner will accept payment with a different credit / debit card.

How to buy Amazon groceries online with the SNAP EBT card

Amazon is another store that has been approved for the USDA’s online shopping pilot and has started delivery for EBT cardholders. So you can use your EBT card to buy groceries online and purchase for delivery.

Follow the steps below to order groceries online using your EBT card.

1. Open your device browser, visit the Amazon website, and log into your Amazon account.

2. If you do not have an Amazon account, click “Create Amazon Account” and enter your email address and password to log in.Buy groceries online with Washington EBT Card

3. Enter your grocery stamp card into your Amazon account here. Enter and submit your SNAP EBT card number. Then enter your postcode. You will then know whether your postcode is suitable for delivery when shopping with your EBT card. If you are eligible, click the “Add SNAP EBT Card” button to add your card.

4. Buy your groceries online now. Also use Amazon Grocery, Amazon Fresh, or Amazon Grocery to buy groceries online.

5. Go to the checkout after shopping and select “EBT” as payment method. Then enter your 4-digit PIN for your Washington EBT card to place your order.

NOTE: You cannot use your grocery brand benefits or your EBT card to pay for shipping or delivery charges. If you don’t have Amazon Prime and want free shipping, you’ll need to meet the minimum shipping costs for each program.

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