How to Start Your Own Internet Business Selling Information Products

Information products, or info-products are the backbone of the entire system that we know today as Internet Marketing, as it is associated with the promotion of these products, either by the creators or owners of the rights over it, or as an affiliate.

Today, information products are one of the main sources of business on the Internet.

There are many marketers who live comfortably off the income from the sale of information products created by other people, and they turn to sites like Commission Juntion or Clickbank to find them. These sellers are known as affiliates.

On the other hand, there is another group of people who are the creators of the information product that sellers or affiliates later sell on the Internet.How to Start Your Own Internet Business Selling Information Products

The best known information products within this definition are the following:

  • Audio products: It is any information product that is distributed in audio format. We mainly refer to the mp3 format, but we can also find them in other alternative formats. It can be a course, music, an audio book, etc.

  • Videos: Here we refer to tutorials, educational or other videos, prepared with a video camera or computer screen capture systems, or both. It only requires a video camera, and video editor software. The most popular is Camtasia Studio, but there are others that are free and with very good features.

  • The electronic book, oe book: The electronic book or ebook is the most popular information product to sell online. The number of pages in an e book is variable, and its production cost is very low. This particular info-product is discussed more extensively in another section of this blog.

  • Utility Programs: Another information product that you can find on the Internet is utility programs or software. These facilitate the activities of sellers or affiliates, and the truth is that their variety is extensive. Among them we can mention software for video editing, software for creating 3d digital book covers, software for creating Web Pages, header generator software for websites (header), plugins for wordpress, and many more.

Advantages of the info-products:

Info-products, unlike physical goods that can be found on the Internet, have undisputed advantages.
One of them is that a warehouse is not required to be able to store them. Unlike books on paper, cd or dvd, these can perfectly be stored on your computer.

They are not finished. You can sell them as many times as you want, since you only transfer it to your buyer, but it does not run out.
Generally, the money received from the sale is net profit. There are no shipping or storage costs.

You don’t need to depend on other people to make the sale. You can perfectly do it all, although if your business grows a lot, you may eventually need to be assisted by one or a few trusted people.

The info-products can be sold at any time of the day, regardless of whether it is 2 in the morning. Product download is instant, and the buyer can have the product on their computer in a matter of minutes.

If you have a watchlist, you can continue to offer your buyers other information products of your own, the ones that usually buy again if the first product has satisfied them.

What are the conditions that your market must have ?:

To be successful in selling an information product, first of all we must find the market to which we will direct the creation of the product. This market must meet the following 3 characteristics:

1. They must be a market that has money to spend. This is a no-brainer, but in addition to having it, they must also want to use it in problem solving.
2. They must have an irrational passion for a health-related topic, hobby, sport, problem, or concern. An example are those people obsessed with losing weight, curing acne or bad breath, learning to dance, among others.
3. This market must be large, and it must be easy to access to be beneficial. Although you can also direct your sales efforts to slightly smaller or specific groups. In the latter case we refer to micro-niches.

Where to find my target market:

There are many means or ways to discover the market you are interested in targeting. You can start by reading the press, magazines, specialized books, consulting with family and friends. The idea is to try to find a problem or deficiency that you can solve. The question you should ask yourself is what they want or what is the problem they want to solve. You can also enter specialized forums on the Internet, read comments and articles related to the topic you are researching.
Finally, after all your research you can conclude which are the markets or niches to which you will direct your efforts. As an example, we can cite that you decided on some of the following topics:

  • Techniques to lose weight without stopping eating.

  • How to train your pet in a week.

  • 7 effective routines to achieve muscle mass in 7 days.

  • Eliminate acne forever in 5 days.

  • Learn easy cooking in a week.

  • Reading course see you in 10 lessons.

  • Learn to dance salsa in 10 days.

  • Master the art of public speaking in 7 sessions.

Also make sure that the selected topic has an attractive title, as presented above. Information products with suggestive titles have been shown to significantly improve purchase intent.

In short, first determine a need. Then decide what you would be passionate about researching. Then make your ebook and / or video tutorial and promote it. The rest is up to you.

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