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How to process permits to open a bakery at home

Make a good business plan and know the permits to open a bakery It is always essential, but especially when you plan to work at home, since it is important that you be guided by the rules and regulations that have to do with the production of food for public consumption.

In fact, on the one hand you feel the flexibility that working from home means, but on the other you know that for your business to function successfully under the considerations required by law you must prepare and inform yourself about it, for this reason today you will know everything what you need to know next.

The law, licenses and permits to open a bakery

Counting on the permits to open bakery And by finding out the laws in your work area, it will allow your bakery to operate legally, since the laws vary from state to state, so follow a step by step to establish a legal bakery.

Steps to obtain permits to open a bakery

First step:

Think what will be the name of your business, if it will be called with your own name or you prefer a fictitious name, because in the latter case you must register the name to protect it in addition to checking if it has already been registered.

It is very important that you check it because if another business registered that fictitious name before you will not be able to use it.

You can find information to register your DBA or fictitious name in, where you will also obtain the tax identification number and you will know all the licenses and permits you need according to the location area of ​​your business.

Step two:

As a second step, you must obtain the business license, for which you will visit the official website of the county or city government.

With the business license you will obtain the legal right to operate your business in your home, for which you will resort to the city agency.

You will also need an occupancy permit for your home as part of the requirements that home businesses must meet, you can manage it at the county planning and zoning agency.

In turn, you will need to check with the homeowners association, as there may be rules that restrict the type of activity you want to do inside your home.

Third step:

If you sell baked goods in a state that charges sales tax, you will need to apply for a permit from the requirements to open a bakery

Legal requirements to open a bakery

Besides of permits to open a bakery and licenses, you may also need a fire inspection, since the activity you will perform will require the use of flammable materials.

Depending on the community where you do business, you must comply with the rules of the EPA that control air and water pollution of companies, even if it is a company in your home.

The health permit:

The health department permit is usually managed by the county government, as you need it because your baking business has to do with selling food to other businesses or to the general public.

In turn, you must comply with certain regulations related to the physical space of the kitchen. Well, if you already know the products you will produce, you will verify that you have all the appropriate kitchen equipment to prepare food correctly, store it and transport it.

For example, you may need to invest in additional kitchen equipment, since some states do not allow the use of residential kitchens for commercial food production and some local governments even prohibit commercial food production at home, for this reason you must control local zoning laws by contacting your local public health department.

Keep in mind that the Food and Drug Administration provides very strict regulations on companies that create and sell food, such as the obligation to obtain a business license that authorizes you as a food supplier and approved controller, since consumers must make sure that they buy food in a business without risk of harm to your health.

About the home inspection of your business

The state inspector will be the person who will approve the bakery license in your home, after making sure that you meet the health requirements and also that the food you offer and produce will not harm your customers.

Even for you it is a security because as a small business owner, having a business license shows your clients that you are a professional and that they can trust your production of cookies and cakes.

Risks of not processing your license to open a bakery

On the contrary, if you have been careless and did not manage the bakery license, you run the risk that your business will be closed by the authorities when they discover that you operate a business without a license.

It is also important that you bear in mind that if you sell your production online and prepare it at home before delivering it, your home installations must be inspected and approved before starting your business.

You must demonstrate the hygiene of the facilities and that there is no danger. Therefore, before granting you the license, the Health Department will be in charge of inspecting your kitchen and you will even receive regular inspections every year to ensure constant maintenance of the facilities.