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How to open a corporation in Miami

To start solving how to open a corporation in Miami You must follow several simple steps so that you can start operating your business.

Steps on how to open a corporation in Miami

Follow these steps and you will know how to open a corporation in Miami, it is very easy:

Step 1: Choose the name of your business and verify that it is available, but contact a professional who knows the laws of the state because for example in Florida it is required that the name of the corporation include the word Co., Inc. or Corp. (incorporated , company or corporation) at the end of the name you chose. The availability of the name can be verified in the federal database of trademarks.

Contact your state office for the rules, but it generally cannot be the same one another corporation is using.

It may also require you to end with Ltd. (limited) and cannot contain words such as Reserve, United States, National, Federal, Cooperative, or Bank.

Also check with your state corporate office to see if your chosen name is available, and you can even pay a fee to have the corporate name reserved for you for a short period of time until you can file your articles of incorporation.

Step 2: You must appoint the directors of the corporation, as you must have at least one director with an age of at least 18 years without the need to reside in the state of Florida.

Directors are appointed by shareholders before opening the business. Keep in mind that some states allow a corporation to have only one director, but if the owners of the corporation are two, there must be two directors and if there are three or more owners, the directors must be three or more.

Step 3: You must file the articles of incorporation with the state department with all the additional documents that have to do with the formation of the corporation and you will pay the filing fee that is between 100 and 800 dollars depending on each state where the company is incorporated .

You will present them at the corporate filing office of your state or at the secretary of state with the form that the corporate office will provide you and you must fill it with the name, the main address of the office and the name of the directors and you will send it to the division of corporations together with the corresponding payment.

Payment can be made with a check made out to the state department in United States currency and drawn at a United States bank.

If you submit the form online, you can pay with an American Express, Discover, Visa or MasterCard credit card,

Step 4: Creates the corporate bylaws establishing the rules of operation for the corporation.

Step 5: Hold the first meeting of the board of directors.

Step 6: Issues the stock certificates for the initial shareholders of the corporation.

Step 7: Obtain the licenses and permits your business needs. For this you can consult the guide of the 50 states for the formation of a corporation because each state has different norms for its formation.

How to open an LLC company

You can set up a limited liability company that supports the limit of personal liability for owners. Keep in mind that each state has its own rules and you can get advice from an attorney or accountant.

Step 1: You must know the laws of your state.

Step 2: The chosen name must comply with the laws of your state, there may be variations, but in general the states do not allow the name of an LLC to be duplicated or similar to an existing one and you may also find yourself with restrictions on the name you choose .

For example, in the state of Texas, you cannot choose a name with an obscene word or of an explicit sexual nature. Therefore, you must choose a name that complies with the laws and that is consistent with the type of business you plan to open.

Step 3: Includes in the name LLC or a variation like limited liability company as part of the name.

Step 4: You have already created the name of your company and therefore it will be the identification that you will include in the advertisements, your marketing campaign and in the commercial documents, but always remembering that the letters LLC must be included, since otherwise justice may think that you did business as an individual and not as a business and consequently you will be responsible as a person.

Step 5: Reserve your commercial name by registering it with the presentation of the articles of incorporation, but as each state has its own regulations, you must visit the website of the secretary of your state and you will know if the presentation must be done separately and the fee that you will have to pay.

Step 6Decide if you prefer to trademark the name to make your product stand out from the competition and you can protect it against infringement of other companies’ trademarks.

By registering the name as a trademark, you will have your domain as intellectual property that relates to your business.

You can register it as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and pay a fee of between $ 275 and $ 325.

Step 7: Decides the management of the LLC. Your company can be managed by the members, that is, the owners are those who participate in the management of the company.

How to create a corporation usa

  1. Request the employer’s identification number.
  2. Define if you want to open an S corporation or a C corporation.
  3. Choose the business name of the corporation.
  4. Choose the directors or director of the corporation.
  5. Defines the registered agent who will be included in the articles of incorporation and who must have a physical residence within the state of incorporation of the company whether you choose a person or a company and will also have the responsibility to accept legal and tax documents in addition of the judicial documents that may be presented against the corporation.

Florida state corporation registry

Step 1: File the Articles of Incorporation form with the Florida Department of State with the fee and including the corporation name, principal business address, share structure details, registered agent, name and address of incorporators.

  1. Define the structure of the actions. If you only establish one class of shares, the articles of incorporation will indicate the number of shares authorized and if you define multiple classes of shares provide the designation for each class with the number of shares, limitations, preferences and the rights for each class.
  2. Define the name of the corporation including Co. Inc. OR Corp. at the end of the name.
  3. Specific to incorporators, incorporators are the ones in charge of preparing, signing and filing the articles of incorporation.

Incorporators can be a single person or more, but Florida does not establish specific obligations to appoint them.

  1. Specific to the directors, they will be responsible for the administration of the corporation and will establish corporate policies.