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How to obtain a house cleaning license: Requirements and where to process them

Do you want to know where to get a license from House cleaning? Well then you will receive all the information you need to establish your business legally.

In fact, any business that you want to open in the United States is required to obtain a license, however you may need a regular business license instead of a cleaning business license or a service contractor license, as this depends on the state and local government. that corresponds to your business.

Step by step how to obtain a house cleaning license

Step One: House Cleaning License Bond

To fulfill your legal business of House cleaning, before obtaining the cleaning license you will probably need the license bond, but this also depends on the requirements given by the local and state government where the business is established.

In order to establish a business of House cleaning licensed to stay within the law and perform licensed cleaning service follow these steps …

1: You must apply for the business license by resorting to the local municipal government and then you will open a business account at a local bank.

house cleaning license

2: You should check with the Small Business Administration ( if you are required to have a cleaning license to establish your business in the area you have chosen.

3: Depending on the response you have obtained, you will need to submit all the forms that you have been informed so that you can make your business work with a license.

4: Insurance application: You need to contact the insurance companies and choose the one that is best for you to advise you on surety bonds and license bonds.

Second step: Take out liability insurance for your cleaning company

Licenses and permits to open a cleaning business
Permits and licenses to open a home cleaning business are essential.

You also need to get the liability insurance, since this type of insurance protects you against any damage that occurs in the workplace.

Well, during the cleaning you can cause some damage to the property of your client, then you will have the peace of mind that your civil liability insurance will take care of those damages.

Once your business is legally established with the licenses it qualifies for, you will be in a position to offer your services to houses, apartments, and you may even consider expanding to offer them to offices.

Well, the idea of ​​this type of business is easy to carry out, especially because you do not need a large initial capital and even to start you only need the basic supplies, which you can acquire at a very low price. In fact, the highest cost will correspond to contracting the insurance.

The bonuses:

Your company of House cleaning You may need bonuses, because the local government can be sued when a licensed professional or contractor doesn’t do their job properly.

So in this case the bonds work as a hedge against the local government.

The bonds:

The surety bonds are also reimbursable bonds to clients who pay for an unperformed service.

For example, if you offer house cleaning, but you never did this job, the bond reimburses the expenses you presented to that client.

Well, in short, it is a guarantee bond that ensures and requires the fulfillment of a contract. However, in addition to providing financial coverage, it is also a way to present yourself professionally to a client, as you assure them that you have the ability to refund their money in the event of any problem with work.

In fact, this is a fundamental question because it is a guarantee that is required by most clients and it is also a way to promote your services.

List the services you have to offer:

However, before starting your business, it is convenient that you make a list of all the services that you are able to offer, since you could dedicate yourself to cleaning houses with basic services of bathroom cleaning, floor sweeping, carpet cleaning, disinfection, glass cleaning, disinfection and other services that would add significant value to your offering in house or apartment cleaning.

It is also important that you obtain experience before starting your company, since most clients will need to have references about your work, because although your experience will start from your work in your own home, it is not enough to offer your services.

For this reason, you can think about working temporarily for other cleaning companies that have already been legally established or working in the home of friends and family who can give good references when necessary.

Once you gain experience and secure the references, you will be in a position to offer your services because you have also obtained the corresponding licenses and you will establish yourself legally.

House Cleaning Business Name

Remember that it is also important that you choose a good name for your business or house cleaning company and that you register it in the registration department of the company, unless you choose your own name as a commercial name.