How to make a runt query by license plate and vehicle license online

You need to know the runt per board? Do you know that you can do it in an easy way online? Well, it is the online service so that everyone can make a query about vehicle ownership through the registration code.

What is runt per board

Runt per plate, is an online service that is mainly based on helping citizens to obtain information about a car as long as it has been registered within the system.

It is a database with updated, unified and certified information that is related to registrations, driver’s licenses, automobiles, infractions, public transport and traffic accidents

Runt query by board

  1. So you can enter the system runt per board You need to have the license plate and the identification number of the current owner of the car.
  2. Knowing that those who are registered in the system are people over 16 years of age, you can enter at any time of the day to
  3. As a user, it helps you to make a mechanical update of your vehicle in accordance with the law and in this way you will guarantee that your vehicle can travel correctly in urban and interurban areas.
  4. When registering your vehicle, it would be at the disposal of the SOAT in a legal way or other insurance in charge of the coverage of damages or damages that you may cause to third parties in a traffic accident.
  5. As it is a database, you can check if a vehicle is registered in the system.
  6. With a transaction cost you can request the vehicle history, that is, the history of a vehicle, which is important before you buy a used car, since you will know its vehicle history from a digital tool which provides you with information with all the details of a vehicle from anywhere in the country.
  7. For this you must know the license plate so that the system will show you the accidents that the car has registered, the type of accident, if it has registered garments or seizures, if it has legal limitations and the characteristics of the car with its chassis number, engine , the brand and the cylinder capacity.
  8. Also, if you choose the Yes option, you can know the information about the owners of the car with the identification.

Where to check the ownership of any vehicle

If you have been the victim of a traffic accident and you only have with you the license plate number of that vehicle that escaped after the accident, doing the investigation yourself is quite difficult just by having the license plate number, as you must gather more information And you should always keep in mind that most states do not allow inquiries about the owner of a vehicle.


  1. The VIN is the vehicle identification number that is located on the chassis of the vehicle, it is unique and identifies that vehicle in a timely manner.
  2. If you are about to buy a vehicle it is important that you track that car in its history as in the runt system because you will easily obtain valuable information with its model, all the details of the vehicle, the year, its structure, etc.

There are 17 alphanumeric digits, that is, it is made up of numbers and letters, which you can find on the chassis, the windshield, on the hood, on the driver’s door or on the inner door frame.

  1. You can search the DMV portal:
  2. Enter the 16-digit VIN and click View Vehicle History Report.
  3. You will receive the Vin check or VHR (Vehicle History Report with all the information about the past life of the vehicle.
  4. The report you get includes vehicle ownership history, vehicle title history, additional vehicle history, and detailed history.
  5. You can perform a free search or with a paid subscription.
  6. With a paid subscription you will get a report with more details about the vehicle.

9, For example, with the paid subscription you get information about the engine, about the vehicle’s body type, the owner’s history, the sale value of the vehicle, damage to the vehicle by accident, how many priorities the vehicle had, the year in which that was purchased by each owner, if its use was personal, the mileage in each year that ownership changed, etc.

  1. Regardless of whether you choose a free Vin check or with a paid subscription, the important thing is that before you buy your car make sure you get a vehicle history report, which you can request online and you can even request it from the dealer.

In fact, the VHR is the vehicle’s history report that is also known as VIN and is nothing more than a document that has all the informative details about a vehicle and its history, for which it is essential that you have the VIN number with you. , Vehicle identification number.

The DMV provides you with the car report with a VIN check indicating several important questions about the car you want to buy so that you think twice before signing the purchase.

For example, you will also know if the vehicle suffered flood damage, if the odometer has a faulty setting, if the airbags deploy normally or have defects, if the vehicle has liens withheld, if the title history has imperfections, etc.

If you were the victim of a hit-and-run car accident, local authorities can resolve the situation, they will locate the owner of the vehicle for you.

You will not be able to access the driver’s information but it will be available to your insurance company if you filed the claim.

You must look for the VIN number and the bale number and with these data it is possible to locate the owner of the vehicle and you can even contact the local police to have the vehicle taken away.

Beyond a possible accident that can affect you in traffic or if you want to buy a car, it is also useful that you have the information on the vehicle’s history if you are a dealer or private seller because it will help you sell the vehicle.

In fact, if you show the buyer an unquestionable VHR it is the best way to win the buyer’s trust.

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